The 1TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X/S is a very expensive upgrade, as we all know. However, if you want to install more games at once on both of Microsoft’s newest consoles, you’ll need it.

Fortunately, this Amazon offer has the lowest hard drive upgrade price yet. You can currently purchase the 1TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X/S for $149.84.

That’s significantly lower than the previous all-time low of $179.99 that was set in April this year. It’s worth noting, too, that the cost of this upgrade is £219.99, which is rather expensive for a 1TB SSD upgrade for your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

It’s significant to emphasize that because the order will come from Amazon EU, shipping may take a few days longer than usual.

The good news is that any import duties and taxes are included in the price you pay, so you won’t be charged any extra fees.

A new Xbox Expansion Card with storage expansion is available at a good price.

Save £70.15 – The biggest savings we’ve seen so far for the 1TB Xbox Storage Expansion card, which usually costs about £219.99.

With this, you’ll be able to install more games at once than before because you’ll have a lot more storage space on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

If you want to add a hard drive but don’t think you need all of this space, Microsoft is expected to debut a 512GB Storage Expansion Card soon. We believe the 1TB version will be less expensive than the existing deal price of the 1TB version, so you might want to get twice the capacity for a little less.

It appears unlikely that it will fall as low again, but we may just see a repeat of last year’s bargain-basement price of £180. Stick with us for any further information on Black Friday 2021 next month.

And if you’re still searching for Xbox Series X copies, we’ve got you covered.


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