Cyberattackers have discovered a new wave of internet scams aimed at trapping persons seeking to view the most recent James Bond film, No Time To Die.

The latest Bond film has gotten a lot of press and social media attention, providing cybercriminals an opportunity to exploit it.

According to Kaspersky Lab’s research, threat actors are using the hype surrounding the movie to distribute malware and steal personal data that might be used to hijack online accounts.

The firm found a slew of malicious download links for the new film, which conceal a variety of malware including adware, trojans, password stealers, and ransomware.

On other sites, users are allowed to watch the first few minutes of the film before being reminded to provide personal information and credit card information.

This data is then applied to steal money from the victim’s bank account.

Spy Who Phished Me

Cybercriminals frequently capitalize on the newest trend or event to entice people into making mistakes.

Cybercriminals are using the desire for the current James Bond film, for example, to infect devices and steal sensitive data in the same way as uncertainty over the pandemic was utilized.

“Entertainment options, such as films, have long been a tempting draw for cybercriminals.

“Inevitably, such a long-awaited premiere as No Time To Die causes a stir. The audience is in a hurry to see the movie, causing them to forget about internet security.”

Web users should avoid sites offering early access to movies or TV series, verify the validity of a website before providing personal information, and pay close attention to the sort of files they are downloading (for example, a video file will never end in “.exe”).

To add an additional level of protection, Kaspersky advises consumers to secure their devices with a top antivirus software.


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