Valve has published an authorized teardown video of the Steam Deck, and before it begins, Valve emphasizes that users should not repair their own handheld console. The Steam Deck is also not intended to be upgradeable by users, which might disappoint PC hardware enthusiasts who wanted to replace certain parts later on.

Valve also cautions users that opening up their Steam Deck may put them in danger. The battery of the Steam Deck might explode, setting fire to your possessions and endangering your life.

It would be a fantastic addition to your death certificate if you died as a result of the battery of the Steam Deck exploding.

Please don’t try this at home.

Also, Valve points out that the case of the Steam Deck is opened immediately before it can damage the structural integrity of the handheld.

There’s also a danger that your own static electricity might short-circuit parts of the Steam Deck.

The Stream Deck’s screws and screw housing are flimsy, to say the least, according to Valve, who warns that the screws and housing may be stripped quickly owing to the plastic material they’re composed of.

However, if you want to try your hand at replacing the internal SSD yourself, Valve provides instructions for doing so.

The MicroSD card slot is another alternative that the firm suggests using if you wish to increase storage capacity.

All Steam Deck models feature an M.2 SSD connector for storage; if you want to replace the SSD in accordance with Valve’s advice and use an off-the-shelf 2230 size module SSD, the connection only accommodates such a device.

Teardowns of computer hardware are fascinating.

This video of the Steam Deck being opened by a Russian repairman is fascinating. For individuals like myself who are interested in hardware breakdowns, teardowns are incredibly interesting.

The PS5’s hardware teardown has had over 10 million views, according to reports.

I was captivated by the enormous heatsink on the PS5 and wanted to open up my console just to admire that heatsink in all its glory, much like many other people.


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