Tricks and tips for working successfully as a team. Webinars on Teams

The update’s description notes that, when webinars are set up and scheduled, the webinar invite is automatically added to the attendee’s calendar.

The feature is presently being developed and should be released in December 2021, with all Microsoft Teams users getting it.

Not only is there more to come for Microsoft Teams when it comes to webinars, but another update will give organizations or individuals greater control over their webinars.

Attendees will soon be able to edit the domain name used during a webinar, allowing them to customize the sender’s name and email domain to reflect the tenant name, making it simpler for participants to identify.

The latest version of Microsoft Teams, version 1.0, is now available for download. It will be widely accessible in December 2021.

The upgrades are part of a series of adjustments made by Microsoft to make Teams more appealing as a choice not just for webinars but also for meetings everywhere.

The platform already includes a Webinars option that allows thousands of online participants, including your own custom registration page and greater permission control. Teams is also able to let users host view-only broadcasts for up to 20,000 people.

Microsoft Teams has risen to prominence in Windows 11, showing that the company has high expectations for the program – see our full Windows 11 review for more.


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