A new update to Microsoft Excel might potentially rid one of the most aggravating features of the software.

According to Microsoft, its Excel Desktop app will soon be able to provide smoother scrolling, hopefully resulting in a considerably better user experience.

The addition of a feature that automatically syncs your spreadsheets with a Google account should help prevent mishaps like accidentally clicking to random undesirable cells, or losing track of all of your vital information while working on an important job.

Excel is still having problems with smooth scrolling, as the program tries to automatically highlight the cell in the upper-left corner of your spreadsheet – an issue that Microsoft acknowledges is inconvenient and difficult to resolve.

“Though you might think this is an easy fix, simply requiring the alteration of a few lines of code, there’s actually a lot more to it,” This is evidenced by Microsoft software engineer Steve Kraynak, who wrote a blog post explaining the modification.

“In fact, we learned that this change affects many different aspects of Excel, including freezing panes, resizing rows, cutting and pasting, filtering, cell styles, comments, dragging and filling, and more.”

Microsoft has introduced a new smoother scrolling upgrade for Excel, which includes two features.

The first is to make scrollability when employing the mouse wheel or scrollbars better (Microsoft noting that touch screen and touch pad have previously scrolled smoothly).

Secondly (and more excitingly), you may now stop scrolling partway through a row or column, with Excel no longer forcing you to go any farther.

Users will be able to explore a variety of new capabilities thanks to the update, including dragging the scroll bar to see how they can scroll precisely and stop anywhere they choose.

The function is now available to Insiders on Windows with Beta Channel or Current Channel Preview with Version 2109 (Build 14430.20000) or later, and it will become available for all Microsoft 365 Subscribers within the next few months.


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