Google is expanding its cloud storage services with a new tool for its web browser Chrome that allows users to access critical documents stored in the cloud quickly.

According to a recent blog entry, the Chrome new tab page will soon incorporate a Google Drive integration that aids in the discovery of “high importance files” to reduce search time.

The functionality is still in early development, but according to a recent Reddit post, it will use contextual elements to offer intelligence recommendations rather than simply displaying each user’s most-used files.

The new Chrome feature is currently being phased in gradually, but it should be available to everyone soon.

Google Chrome is an internet browser that’s used by over a billion people.

Cloud storage has become a major component of most online users’ lives. This also means the number of files stored in the cloud has exploded.

To reduce any associated file management issues, Google is trying to make it as simple as possible to locate and access specific files without going through conventional file hierarchies.

The newest Chrome upgrade builds on an earlier update that allowed users to find their Google Drive documents via the URL bar.

Previously, people had to go to a specific Google Drive page and perform a search from there. The feature was launched in late 2019 and allows you to look for files based on keywords that match the file title.

Users may also use syntax such as “type:” and “owner:,” which reduce the results if they wish to make more detailed searches.

The new tab page integration of Google Drive offers users another simple method to access their most important files.

Furthermore, as Google works to enhance its positions in both industries, new links between Chrome (the world’s most popular web browser) and Google Drive are likely to assist defend against competition from both rival browsers (think Microsoft Edge) and competing cloud storage services (for example, OneDrive).


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