The station you plan to watch has a poor channel 4. After a fire at a West London broadcast center triggered a torrent of technical difficulties across Channel 4’s various channels and programs, the broadcaster has had an awful week.

E4, More4, and other similar networks have experienced problems with displaying in people’s homes or with full accessibility features such as subtitles.

The previous weekend also saw the airing of a repeat episode of Married At First Sight instead of the intended new one, which was met with anger from viewers.

The Twitter account of Channel 4 is occasionally updated, with the most recent occurring on October 1.

We are still experiencing technical difficulties, especially with accessible versions of our shows. We’re very sorry and are doing all we can to fix the problem. 1, 2021

However, no end date for the problem has been provided to viewers, and there does not appear to be one.

Those with disabilities in particular are enraged by the fact that they have been unable to watch their favorite shows for over a week.

I’ve just stopped watching channel 4 now!!! 2 weeks this has been going on and for anyone with hearing difficulties it is impossible to watch a show without subtitles absolute disgrace 😡October 3, 2021

The broadcaster Channel 4 summed it up best with its contact page, which reads:”we are still experiencing issues with both TV broadcast and All 4.

This includes the provision of WATCH LIVE, as well as the upload of programming to All 4 and some issues with our on-air playout. We are also unable to provide SUBTITLES, AUDIO DESCRIPTION, or SIGNING on any programming across our channels or on-demand services.”

It adds “We are working as quickly as we can to resume normal services across our broadcast and on-demand services.”

What’s the issue with Channel 4?

The fire that broke out at the broadcast center in West London appears to have been responsible.

According to the BBC, it appeared that “the activation of fire suppression systems” was to blame for problems – both Channel 4 and More4 had gone off the air completely for a period of time.

E4 is also having problems, with users on social media posting images of a purple “Off-Air” screen for the channel and others expressing their sadness over not being able to watch E4 or the E4+1 catchup service.

The latest communication from Channel 4, as reported by the media, claimed that there were difficulties displaying “accessible versions of our programs,” which users complained about being “without subtitles.” The same problem is also affecting the All 4 on demand service.

We’re sorry for the ongoing problems for some viewers, especially with accessible versions of our shows. We’re working hard to resolve it and will hopefully have further updates tomorrow.September 29, 2021

The most likely reason for the missing audio is that it was not recorded in time. Other issues raised on the Channel 4 Twitter account include a medley of other concerns that the channel is undoubtedly dealing with, including subscribers still being served commercials or voiceover and audio tracks feeling strangely out of sync.

Voiceover is really poor at the moment. General sound is OK #soundissues #poorservice #letdown.September 28, 2021

Getting adverts on channel 4 shows, even though I pay the subscription fee to avoid this. Any idea when this will be fixed?September 28, 2021

What can I do to help?

Given the numerous problems, a technical solution would be complicated, and damaged broadcasting equipment – if a brief fire was able to do some harm – will take longer to repair than a few days.

However, there does not appear to be a clear pattern in terms of problems, with some individuals seeming to fare better than others.

We recommend checking back each day to see how your favorite channels are performing or keeping an eye on the Channel 4 Twitter account for any recent developments. If you just need something to watch on TV for a while, look into the finest TV streaming services.


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