A can opener can also be referred to as a tin opener. This piece of mechanical equipment is purposely made for opening tins or cans. Food storage uses can have been in existence for a long while. In that sense, just like most machines, can openers have been undergoing improvements from the earliest models of can openers to the most recent models.  The development has been progressive.  The initial model was a can opener with a point cutting edge then one with a rotating cutting edge, followed by a can opener with a rotating cutting edge with gear, and finally a can opener with a side cutter. Aside from the mechanical can openers, electronic can openers exist nowadays.

These pieces of equipment are mostly used in kitchens and restaurants. There’s also a significant use of the can openers in the military. It can be noted that World War brought about the major innovation of the can openers.  This was a better innovation fitted with a cutting blade. Despite the evolution of the can openers, they still do not work with maximum efficiency as expected, there are still some challenges associated with them.

The preference of the kind of can opener to be used differs from the young aged and the old aged. The openers as well need to be cleaned and maintained to remain in a proper operational manner.

Types of Can Openers

Familiarizing with the types of can openers is very important since it may help one in choosing one according to their preference. A better choice will help one save energy as well as their time. Different types of can openers vary in the time taken to open the can, the EMG muscle activation and the wrist angle. The following are the types of can openers;

  • Lever- Type

Opens metal cans by slicing them. It has a blade in the shape of a sickle and on the opposite side another blade that is curved that serves as a shield to prevent diaper penetration of the blade inside the can.

  • Butterfly can opener

Has a wheel that allows cutting the lid in a rotating movement. It also has a crank (key) for penetrating the lid before the rotational cutting motion begins.

  • Church-key can opener.

Most preferred by drinkers. It is used to cut off the beer lids and various glass bottles. This type is made of hard-pressed metal and has an edge that is pointed so that it can easily penetrate the lead.

  • Single wheel opener

It is more like the bunker can opener only that it uses a magnet to hold the metal can in place.

  • Electric can opener

Unlike the mechanical can openers, these are the easiest to use. They only require one to press a button and the cutting is done efficiently and very fast.

  • Key opener

They look more like the normal key. They are more efficient for opening containers with thin walls.

  • Bunker opener

It is made of a combination of handles resembling those of pliers, a saw-toothed wheel, and a key.

  • Side can opener

These are the only ones that cut through the lead and completely remove the rim. It has both a serrated wheel as well as a cutting wheel.

  • Countertop opener

This one is for being attached to the kitchen surface and is mostly shipped with a vacuum base that enables the surface attachment. Besides opening, it can also pop-top cans.

  • Manual can opener

This one is pocket friendly except that the user will be expected to do most of the work manually, unsuitable for people with physical problems.

How to Use a Can Opener

Functional parts of a Can Opener

Both electrical and mechanical can openers have more or less the same functional parts.

  • Blade assembly- Holds and aligns the blade with the gear.
  • Crank- for operating the gear.
  • Motor- controls the gear, crank, and the knife.
  • Magnet- maintains the can in position and gets hold of the lid when the cutting is done.
  • Gear /feed gear- for rotating the knife and are connected to the crank.
  • Knife /Blade-for penetrating the metal can lids.
  • Cord storage (under unit) – for storing the cord especially for the electric can opener.
  • Base/handle- Basically for support, it holds the opener in place. In countertop can openers, it is used for mounting the can opener on the surfaces.

Steps for using the Can Opener (The Electric Can Opener)

  1. The blade assembly is often in a separate package from the can opener. It, therefore, needs to be connected to it by correctly matching the key tabs with the key slots. The blade assembly is interlocked and then the can opener is twisted until it is completely locked.
  2. The cord is then plugged into an electrical outlet of 120v.
  3. The can should be placed below the lever and then the leaver is pushed down ensuring the knife is inside the rim.
  4. Once the cutting is done, the opener stops automatically. They can be removed by holding the can in one hand in a tilted position while the other hand brings the lever back to the initial position.
  5. The cord can be unplugged and returned back to the cord unit.


To Increase the Knives Sharpness:

A knife sharpener is part of the can opener. So as to increase the sharpness the blade/knife is passed through the sharpener slot in an upward manner towards the user. This process is repeated until the desired sharpness is achieved.

The knife should then be cleaned and kept dry. One should be cautious while using the sharpened knife.

Maintenance of the Can Opener

  1. The cord should be unplugged before cleaning commences.
  2. Parts that can be easily assembled and dissembled like the blade assembly could be removed by raising the lever and pulling out the part. The cleaning can be hand washing in hot water; it could be rinsed or wiped using a sponge. It is then wiped till dry.
  • The parts can then be correctly assembled back to their initial positions.

Advantages of using Can Openers

  • Most of the openers do not come in contact with the contents of the can.
  • Most of the openers cut the can lid neatly, this reduces the chances of the users hutting themselves due to uneven cutouts.
  • Some are easy to use e.g. the church key opener
  • Some like the single wheel opener have a magnet that helps in holding the can in place for efficient cutting.
  • The electronic opener is easy and quick to use


  • Some like the lever type have sharp blades that could hurt the fingers.
  • The butterfly can opener can be somehow cumbersome to use.
  • The pointed edges like those of the church key can be a risk to the user’s hands.
  • The electric can operator is expensive and requires the use of both hands.
  • Some like the manual can opener base on the user’s physical strength and therefore unsuitable for the elderly and individuals suffering from arthritis.


Most equipment is evolving in nature, there are always dynamics that aim to improve the functionality of the present devices. Despite the drawbacks of the existing can openers, it is important to appreciate the help these devices offer. How would life be without such a small yet very helpful tool? Maybe people would have opted to use knives, which is very risky and inefficient.

Consuming lemon water first thing in the morning right after you wake up is something that will definitely help you start off your day with a kick of energy! This is a drink that is able to flush out all of the toxins that have built up over the night and help your body work in a proper way. But today, we are going to show you much more than that. Today we are going to present to you all of the health benefits that come with regular consumption of the lemon water, You can read best lemon squeezer review for make your lemon water, so keep on reading!

10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water


1. It will help you deal with asthma – the lemon juice is rich in the essential Vitamin C which has been frequently linked to affecting the asthma in children. There have been plenty of researches which have found out that a low intake of Vitamin C has resulted in an increased risk of asthma during the childhood. So, by keeping up a good intake of Vitamin C, which is found in lemon water and other citrus fruits in abundance, you can help to supplement a medically arranged asthma treatment plan.

2. Will improve the health of the eye in diabetics – the diabetics face many challenges when it comes to their health, but one of the most significant ones is being prone to damage to the eyes and vision, which can often lead to severe or complete blindness. One study has shown that the flavonoids, which are found in the lemon and other fruits and vegetables, can help prevent the development of cataracts in diabetics. This is considered to be of a great benefit because the cataracts is a degenerative eye condition causing blurry vision and blindness over a longer period of time.

3. Is able to lower your blood sugar levels – the bioflavonoids in the lemon are a type of antioxidants that have many significant benefits. There have been plenty of researches which show that two of the citrus bioflavonoids found in the lemon can significantly help reduce the blood sugar levels. They can also help to manage the blood sugar in other ways, such as how it is stored in the muscles and in the liver too. This can really be of much help in the case of diabetics and people with impaired blood sugar levels who absolutely need to control their blood glucose levels.

4. It will help in preventing kidney stones – have you ever had to deal with kidney stones? They are known to be extremely painful and unfortunately, some of us are at a higher risk of getting them than other people. The diosmin, which is a flavanone antioxidant found in the lemon, has been found to have very positive effects on decreasing the occurrence of kidney stones in the body.

Its effect are as powerful for this illness as that of some very popular drugs. The diosmin helps in decreasing the urinary calcium and phosphorus in the kidneys as well as helping to increase the overall urinary volume as well as serum calcium levels, all of which help to ease the pressure on the kidneys and stop the development of any stones.

5. It is excellent for your heart – the lemon water is also a terrific source of potassium which is a vital mineral that is essential and helpful in a variety of bodily functions. The potassium is good for the heart because it plays a very important role in helping the muscles, as well as those in the rest of the body, to function in a proper way and pump blood all around the body.

6. It is an excellent source of antioxidants – plenty of the positive effects which are produced by the lemon water are through the action of the powerful antioxidants with which the lemon water is filled with. Both the Vitamin C and the other bioflavonoids that are found in the lemon juice are antioxidants that can help to target the free radicals and reduce all of the harmful oxidation.

7. It will help you soothe a sore throat – the lemon water, when mixed with honey is a great way to soothe a sore throat. If you happen to suffer from a congested throat, the lemon water can help you in clearing out the mucus and the bacteria, while the honey will be able to soothe scratchy, dry throats, while being antibacterial on your throat as well.

8. Can help you fight off a cold or a flu too – do not forget about the great benefits that the lemon water and honey can bring to you if you happen to have a cold. First of all, the lemon water is rich in Vitamin C, which supports the entire immune system and helps to battle any kind of illness. Second of all, the lemon water is a great way to stay hydrated when you are ill. The honey can help to give a boost of energy and vitality when you are not feeling well.

9. It will even prevent any weight gain whatsoever – if the prevention of weight gain and fat build up is somewhat of a priority to you, then throw in the lemon peel into your warm lemon water along with the juice. One study has found out that the lemon polyphenols in the lemon peel prevented fat gain and weight increase in mice when they were tested over a period of 12 weeks. The lemon polyphenols have particularly targeted the white adipose tissue, which is known to be the less beneficial kind of fat in the human bodies. Now, this is a benefit of the lemon water we can definitely appreciate at all times!

10. It will fully cleanse your digestive system – the citric acid is a component of the lemon juice as well as some other citrus fruits that provides that sour taste. It is also considered to be one of the effective ingredients in a solution used to clear out the bowels prior to having a colonoscopy. All of this suggests that the citric acid is able to play an important role in cleansing the digestive system and bowel in particular to helping in keeping your system clear and running in a smooth way.

There is quite a vast selection of all the benefits that can come with regular consumption of the lemon water. From the juice to the peel of this fruit, the lemon water is going to provide you with antioxidants, vitamins and disease fighting compounds that will boost your overall health and help you feel great too. Whether it comes to the overall look and health of the eyes, skin, hair, or the kidneys, heart or liver, these nutrients will aid any part of the body, making the lemon water an ideal drink for an overall health.

Your kitchen will quickly be dirt after cooking. The oil stains after frying or the leftover food pieces always make you uncomfortable. Nonetheless, in fact, cleaning is not too difficult as you thought. Necessarily, you must know how to clean counters, range hoods, and disposals. No problem! Don’t worry! 10 following tips are to spend for you if you have the need to clean your own kitchen. Let’s see right now!

Some Tips Help Clean Your Kitchen Quickly

Using Tea to Remove the Dirt Stains out of Your Stove

After being premiered on EVINE Live, this tip has become more common than ever. By using tea, the sticking dirt on your stove will be removed easily. You only need to brew a little tea and use it to wipe the stove yours. It will help reject the stuck food and grease quickly and easily, thanks to the tannins ingredient in the tea.

DIY Cleaner from Orange

The scent of orange – do you love it, especially when it will appear in your kitchen? Well, most people enjoy it, so they don’t deny using this all-purpose cleaner, which is made from the peels of orange. Yes, it is able to work a great manner on all surfaces of sinks, stoves, and countertops.

all purpose orange cleaner

What things you need are the white vinegar, orange peels, water, along with a bottle to spray and a glass jar (it must have a lid). After putting the peels of some oranges and pouring vinegar into the glass jar, you let it in a cool place ~ the room temperature for a couple of weeks. Then, you transfer them into a prepared spray bottle. Don’t forget to add a little water ~ two parts after shaking. It’s okay! You can use it right now. It is sure that you will not refuse this scent.

Using Baking Soda

Don’t throw the baking soda! Whether its stint in your refrigerator has been over 30 days, but you should not pour it down the culvert. Yes, you can utilize it for the disposal fresh yours. That’s right!

Clean Your Oven Easily

It is difficult to avoid spilling while cooking, right? So, it is necessary to know that way to clean your oven right now. The first, taking care of the second spills if happened is vital. Let’s sprinkle salt a bit on any sticky stains on the oven yours. It waits for the oven cool when you can use a wet cloth in order to wipe the spilled stains easily. Sprinkling salt as soon as possible – keep in your mind!


Using the Plastic Wrap on the Top of Your Fridge

It will have a lot of things that can fall on the top of your fridge, in particular, the tiny particles of food, dirt, for example. But, you don’t worry because everything can be cleaned quickly, by covering a plastic wrap on the top of it. Then, you only need to change a new one per month. So beneficial! It is not difficult to recognize the stains, so a plastic wrap is helpful when you don’t need to wipe the top of your refrigerator anymore.

By What Means You Can Clean Stainless Steel

Most the appliances made of stainless steel are ideal. However, cleaning them is not easy. Are you surprised? Vodka is considered one of the great cleaners for the stainless steel appliances. Exactly, a large number of people enjoy using it. It adds a little vodka on a clean cloth, paper towel, or sponge after wiping. It makes sure that your stainless steel models will quickly become sparkling. Celebrating with a glass of vodka!

Clean up Your Sink

Do you want your sink to look more sparkling? So, you can also utilize a little vodka after wiping with oil-based, olive oil, or baby oil cleaner (using a dry rag or paper towel) so as to clean the sink. The stains from the cooking oil or the sticking foods will be removed easily. It will return to you – a shiny kitchen. What an ideal it is!


How to Remove the Cooked Stains

You are looking for the tricks to remove all cooked grime, aren’t you? The troubles related to the baked-on grime as well as grease on your stove and around your kitchen always make you feel a headache, right? You don’t need to use the harsh cleaners – no-no-no. Everything is simpler than you imagined. By warming it with a hair dryer yours, using a soapy wet cloth you can wipe all the non-desired stains. Nothing is complicated, right?

A Fresh Lemony Kitchen

Instead of having to buy an expensive air freshener to avoid the cooking odors, for example, toasting meat, burning fish,…., and bring a lemony-fresh scent in the kitchen, you only need to a real lemon. Simply, it uses a skewer or toothpick to poke some of the holes in the lemons. Continuously, it directly places on the rack of the oven at 300 degrees F ~ 15 minutes. It lets the door ajar a bit. Like that, the lemony odor will be permeated an entire room. Apart from, cutting some slices of lemon and boiling it with a little water on your stove from 10 to 15 minutes is also good.

Aside from that, it should know that your kitchen will look greater if you keep the countertop appliances in the clean stage.

It’s okay! Let’s pocket these tips if you want to clean your kitchen without wasting a lot of efforts and money. Yes, exactly, you can save an amount of your budget in order to spend on the expensive cleaner or fresher in cleaning the kitchen, by using the natural things. For the time being, it can say that cleaning the kitchen become simpler and easier than ever. It hopes that your article will help you minimize the efforts so as to do household chores.

Perhaps, winter is the best time to clean up our home. Aside from the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, the kitchen is considered as an easy-to-damage area of mold, dust, germs, and other factors. It is noticed that the appliances in your kitchen are not easy to clean.

Do you know how to remove all the gunk out of the bottom of your blender? Or simply, it is only to clean your sink or bring back the shiny for your microwave, for example. Yes, we will help you. This article will give useful information so that you can clean your own kitchen in a comprehensive way.

Cleaning Most Appliances in Your Kitchen

Coffee Brewer

It is not easy to clean coffee brewers because it has to remove many parts while space is difficult to reach. Basically, the filter tray needs to be washed and the surface of the hotplate must be wiped clean. Besides, it uses a little mixture (including vinegar and water) to run through the water basin without coffee. Of course, there aren’t short of the detergents to run through the coffee machines. Using a baking soda mixture is also a not-bad idea. In this way, removing odors and bitter tastes become easier.


Your model is made from a stainless steel, right? So, you can use the cleaner for the stainless steel. For an enamel coating, you only need to utilize the household cleaner to scrub the exterior.

If it wants to clean the interior, the best is to use the hygiene-engaged option. Inevitably, the first is to have to remove and clean the filter. In case you still smell the nasty odors, you can pour a little vinegar into a wash cycle.


In comparison with other appliances in the kitchen, it seems that fridges require the elbow grease for cleaning in the right way. To scrub the interior surface such as trays, gaskets, and drawers, you will soak a sponge in the water-baking soda solution. For the removable components, let’s take out and wash the sides of them. According to the recent studies, germs are easy to arise in the vegetable drawers, so it is necessary to clean them.

Using the suitable cleaners if you want to wipe down the exterior surface of your refrigerator. Yes, don’t forget to clean the coil on the rear of the fridge because the overall efficiency will reduce if the dust accumulates. Of course, you must unplug the machine. It will be ideal if your model can take the coil out. Then, using a vacuum to remove all the stubborn dust around the coil – it is so good!


Although most microbes are difficult to live in the freezers, several germs can still exist. They can contaminate the foods once they aren’t unchecked. Perhaps, the most uncomfortable one when rejecting the germs is to require your machine to defrost entirely. It just needs to unplug and open the door of the freezer. Nonetheless, this one will lead to the ice melting over the floor. To avoid this case, you should place the clean towels at the base. The last one is dry your food with a covered towel.

The Blenders & Food Processors

For some modern blenders, you may clean them in your dishwasher. Nevertheless, like that, your blender is easy to crack. The best is to fill a mixture including detergent and hot water into your machine after running at the maximum power ~ 15 seconds or more. Then, it washes again with the clean water and let dry. It’s okay!

Butcher Blocks & Cutting Boards

Yes, the germs are easy to shelter in the cutting boards, especially, the made-of-wood ones. Accordingly, a good suggestion is to utilize a board for a food, in particular, meat on the plastic board, vegetable on the wood one,… In case you only have one, you should wash after cutting before using for a new food. In addition, you remember to disinfect your board with a general disinfectant.


First of all, you must unplug it. Next, the turntable will have to be removed. Then, it uses a gentle detergent cleaner to wash. For the internal sides, you will utilize a damp towel with hot water to scrub and wipe the interior. It makes sure that the stains are wiped away. If you recognize the internal odor, you can place a bowl of baking soda or lemon juice overnight.


You can find the cleaning method for your sink in an effective way at Apartment Therapy. If you worry about the kinds of biohazard, it should learn and follow the tricks. It uses a sponge to scrub your sink regularly. For the narrow areas, it ought to utilize a toothbrush. Is your sink made of a stainless steel? So, it forces you to use a stainless steel cleaner and follow the guidelines. Let’s remember to scrub the handles and faucet, by using the soap and drying with a clean cloth.

Stoves/ Ovens

Depending on your oven kind, you will have different tricks to clean. The smelliest must mention to the self-cleaning ovens. Don’t forget to ventilate the kitchen when performing the cleaning cycle. To finish the cycle, it should utilize a damp towel in order to wipe the accumulated residue away.

If your oven isn’t supported the self-cleaning cycle, you may utilize a hot towel to remove the spills, which are built up on the bottom of the oven. For the tough stains, you can place the cloudy ammonia ~ half a cup at the warm temperature after turning off and closing its door. Then, it waits for few hours, using the detergent to remove all.

It is not difficult to clean the stovetops a thorough way. You can scrub the surrounding surfaces as well as the heat plates if there is a gas. It uses the vinegar solution or the general detergent. Similarly, the tight areas can use a toothbrush to scrub.

Tea Kettles

It is not hard to clean the exterior because you may use the hot water or the detergent. For the internal sides, it recommends to use the water-vinegar mixture, fill in the interior, and leave it overnight. Don’t forget! Though the smell of vinegar is not easy-going.

It can say that the countertops create a friendly look for the kitchen. Your kitchen will look unsanitary if there are any bacteria, dirt, or stains on the countertops. And then, the question is how to clean it. It is important that you must determine your counter type. Right now, let’s learn the manner to clean together! Go! Go! Go!

The Way to Clean Your Countertops Quickly and Easily

In this article, we want to guide how to clean two common types of countertops – ceramic tile countertop and laminate countertop.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Countertops

Not only kitchens but also baths you can see the tile countertops. Cleaning a ceramic tile countertop is not difficult. This one not only helps you keep the sanitary of your counter but also saves because you will not have to find a new brand. Since the grout is a spongy material, microorganism and bacteria are easy to get into. There is one of the causes that make your unsafe food when cooking on a kitchen counter.


The best is you ought to wipe the countertop yours as soon as you have used. By this way, the majority of germs as well as the dirt will be removed and prevented. Nonetheless, you must still clean a deep way twice or three times a year. If you don’t know the way to clean your ceramic tile countertop, you can consult the following tips:

First of all, it is necessary to wipe your countertop with a cleaner that prepared for the tile design. Instead of buy at the store, you likely make yourself this cleaner, in particular, ½ cup of water, 1 2/3 cup of baking soda, 2 tbsp. of vinegar, and ½ cup of liquid soap. Like that, the day-to-day dirt is going to be removed easily.

In general, the grout is necessary to clean the first. The reason is this part, which is considered as the dirtiest one. In comparison with tile, the grout is easy to stain. It uses the prepared grout cleaner in order to spray on its surface. A gentle kind of bleach solution is also allowed. It recommends that you should wear a pair of gloves when utilizing them. It should know that these agents are relatively strong, so your skin might be irritated.

With the deep stains, it uses the cleaner for ten minutes. Aside from that, either a toothbrush or larger brush needs to be utilized if you want the grout to clean anymore. Yes, this one is entirely necessary because there is a lot of mildew accumulates and dirt. You will start from the corner after moving to the surface. All the lines of the grout must also be cleaned. For the tile, you should not use the brush to scrub because the tiles can be scratched.


It waits for the grout dry completely after sealing it. Like that, the grout will be protected, thanks to resisting dirt and stains effectively. What about the tile? In a case of the glazed ceramic tiles, sealing is not necessary. On the contrary, you need to seal with an unglazed tile one if you want to protect it from stain-resistant.

The last one, it uses the hot water to rinse your counter. Your food will be safer in the next accessing times. Keep these in your mind!

Cleaning Laminate Countertops

Based on the tips of the DIY experts, we want to provide the method that cleans your laminate countertops efficiently and safely.

For the time being, there are plenty of kitchens that are designed with laminate. It is a result of mixing, including, paper, board, and plastic. Frequently, people call it Formica. And then, a general term for it is laminate. Do you know its name? – This one is minor. How must you do if wanted to clean your laminate countertop? Yes, there is an important issue. Look at here!


The first basic thing needs to remember – you must wipe up any spills right away. If you let them sit a moment, they will become stains.

The day-to-day cleaning can use a soft cloth, along with a liquid detergent or a cleaner for the laminate counter. For the metal edging, to clean, it should utilize a soft toothbrush. It uses the clean water to rinse and a towel to dry. It avoids using water too much, particularly, the position close the laminate seams because the laminate can be penetrated. For the result, it appears the cracks.

Similarly, you ought to avoid utilizing the cleaners with the acidic ingredient, bleach, tile cleaner, for example. Your laminate counter can get discolor a permanent way. Instead, it uses a kitchen cleaner to remove the buildup grease. The mixture of water and vinegar (50/ 50) is also considered as an ideal cleaner.


For the stains from tea or coffee, you could utilize the mixture consisting of baking soda with a household cleaner. It directly applies to those stains. It lets it sit for 5 minutes after rinsing with a towel. It isn’t also serious if you utilize a nylon brush, but you avoid scrubbing. The laminate surface can be scratched. Using baking soda has also made your laminate counter have the scratch a bit, so scrubbing will make it worse.

It doesn’t absolutely utilize the steel wool. Once it appears the scratches on the surface, your laminate countertop will easily stain. It is noticed that you will have to leave the baking soda after wiping it in the following morning, in case there are the tough stains. On the other hand, you can also rub these stains with bleach moistened in a cotton ball, then, it rinses and lets them dry.

If you countertops are Formica, you can apply these tip. For the stains from ink, to remove, you likely use nail polish. It pours a little on a soft cloth and rubs. It should utilize a white towel because the dye from fabric could also be removed with the stains. To resist the stains and minimize the effort for cleaning, you probably purchase the coatings for your countertop.

It hopes that useful ways will help your household chores become easier. Now, after your kitchen cleans back, looking is great, right? Happy cleaning enjoy!

The kitchen is often considered as the heart of a house. Yes, most family activities take place here, including, eating, meeting with your relatives and friends, and celebrating. It is difficult to deny that most of us spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen when we are at home. That’s why it is easy to get stains quickly. Correspondingly, cleaning your kitchen regularly is necessary. Nonetheless, not all people know how to clean it.

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning Kitchen

Basically, you will only take 15 minutes for the day-to-day cleaning, instead of taking a lot of your precious time to deep cleaning on the weekend. It is noticed that you will still save time and effort if you know and avoid these following mistakes:

1. Not Use Ketchup to Shine Copper Pans

Yes, mixing tomato ketchup with salt and using a rag to rub on the surface of the pan will be able to make your copper pan shine. When you move to which position, it will get discoloration. It makes sure that the dull stains on the pan will quickly be removed. Why can ketchup effectively work on the copper pans? – The answer is due to ketchup containing vinegar. There is an ideal ingredient to rub on the pan without having any dangers when using.


2. Not Wipe Knobs and Handles

Both handles and knobs are the common parts that we often touch. Occasionally, you touch the handles of the fridge or the knobs of the cupboards to open with our unwashed hands after touching other utensils. Accordingly, the transferring stains are difficult to avoid.

It is necessary to wipe the taps, handles, buttons, and knobs in a regular way, by using an antibacterial solution. Like that, you will minimize the bacteria that transfer from place to place. In particular, you pay attention the handles/ knobs/ buttons of refrigerator, kettle, microwave,…


3. Clean the Blender Improperly

You get used to pulling your blender out and recognize the funky smell inside, don’t you? Well, it is probably that you don’t clean and dry your machine carefully. The majority of the people avoids the blade when cleaning the inside.

Simply, it is not difficult to clean a blender. After using, you bring it to wash immediately. You need to add a little detergent and filling it with warm water; then, you turn it on with full power. The operation of the motor will help remove the dull stains. Then, you put it upside on a clean surface or a rack. You will put the lid back when it entirely dries.

4. Try to Use a Sponge to Clean Bottles

In fact, reaching the areas of the bottles and jars for cleaning is not easy. An interesting tip for cleaning the bottles/ jars is to use rice. It sounds surprising, but it is efficient. You should try. After adding a little rice and washing liquid with warm water, it puts the lid and shakes. It makes sure that all the nooks and crannies in the bottles will be cleaned that a sponge can miss.

The final step is to rinse again with clean water and let it dry, by putting upside down.


5. Not Use Baking Soda and Lemon to Loosen up Residue

You feel uncomfortable when having to scrub the stains from the coffee pot or the burns of baking trays. So, why you don’t use the mixture including baking soda and lemon to rub on the burnt areas. It leaves it for several minutes after continuing rubbing. The burns will easily be removed that don’t take plenty of your efforts.

6. Not Clean the Cooker Hood Filter Frequently

Some people don’t recognize this one unless they are a chef or often use it. Yes, we want to mention a cooker hood filter. All the excessive grease from rustling the vegetables or frying fish will be sucked by this filter. If you don’t clean it regularly, it can be clogged after using a period of time. At the same time, dust also begins to attract. Let’s check the manufacturer that you are using in order to find how to clean it. Cleaning only takes some minutes, but your machine can effectively work.

7. Clean the Cutting Board Improperly

The wooden cutting board will be able to store a myriad of bacteria without seeing if you don’t properly clean. Washing cannot entirely remove the stains. The leftover food will still seep into it for a long time. For the result, it promotes the bacteria growing.

To clean the wooden cutting boards, you sprinkle a little salt and rub half a cut slice of lemon on the surface of it. Then, it washes with the hot soapy water and dry.


8. Use Strong and Expensive Chemicals

Instead of using the harsh chemicals to remove the tough stains (it is often harmful), you just need bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. With the equal ratio (50/ 50) of salt and vinegar, you can clean what you’d like to, with a sponge. It is known that grease will be removed by the vinegar while stains will be cleaned by bicarbonate of soda. For the dull stains, let’s add a little salt! So simple!

9. Not Wear the Gloves

For the harsh detergents, your manicure can be ruined. The most absorbing organ is skin, which probably absorbs anything landed on it. Accordingly, wearing the gloves when using the kitchen detergents is necessary.

10. Not Clean the Sink

In spite of running soapy water in the sink several times/ day, this one doesn’t say that you can miss the stage of cleaning it. It should know that a damp environment like the sink will be easy to create the condition for the bacteria growing. You frequently thaw the meat in your sink, don’t you? Well, it is sure that you must utilize an antibacterial cleaner.

If you often meet these mistakes above, it should overcome them right now. It considers our article to clean your kitchen properly. Let’s remember that a nice kitchen or a healthy meal is to say no bacteria.

You come back home after shopping and look at your kitchen. It cannot believe it! Space is actually to mess. Right now, you may consider the following tactics to tidy up a fast way. Let’s see!

How to Clean Your Kitchen the Fastest as Impossible

No one can cook in a mess kitchen. It is certain that you also understand this feeling. So, let’s clean and remove the dirt, the scatter food,…from your kitchen appliance! Go! Go! Go!

1. Soaking Dirty Dishes

Before you begin to clean the rest of your kitchen, you can soak all the dirty dishes in the sink with hot soapy water; especially, the dishes are used to place the baked foods. This one will help you save time and effort to clean your dirty dishes. It ought to remember that the stains are difficult to remove if you let them sit for a period of time.

2. Based on the Rule – Top to Bottom

To clean your kitchen a fast manner, it should follow the traditional method from front to back and from top to bottom. It makes sure that you will significantly save your time. Taking an example, you decide to clean the counter the first. It ensures that you will wipe it again when you remove the dust and stains on the top of your stove. Obviously, it takes a lot of time if you apply the opposite rule. Let’s keep this in your mind!

3. Clean the Light Cabinets

Yes, a couple of greasy spots on the surface of your light cabinets will make your kitchen look dirty. For the time being, we will provide an ideal tip to clean that cabinet type. Initially, you need to heat a moist sponge in your microwave for one minute. Hence, it utilizes a gentle cleaner to spray on it. The residue on the surface is going to be removed, thanks to the heated sponge. Therefore, time of cleaning is cut in half.

4. Get Rid of the Smelling Garbage Can

It is necessary to remove the stinking garbage in your kitchen. Let’s imagine that you can cook when they constantly smell an awful way. According to the suggestion of a home cleaning expert, you can use the peels of lemon, along with a little water after running this mixture in order to get rid of the terrible odor. In case you don’t have the lemon, you are able to pour hot water in the trashcan and add ¼ cup of baking soda in there. It leaves for a couple of minutes. Finally, it adds vinegar ~ one cup after rinsing it again. The bad odor will entirely disappear.

5. Shine up Your Stainless Steel Sink

It is exact that your kitchen will look greater if your stainless steel sink becomes shiny. In what way? To clean your sink swiftly and minimizing the scratches, it should utilize a wet sponge impregnated baking soda. It is known that baking soda will contribute to removing the tough stains that don’t leave any scratch on the surface. After cleaning the stains, you add vinegar to a spray bottle so as to rinse your sink. The role of vinegar is to sterilize. Then, using water to rinse again – a shiny sink will look like new.


6. Remove Pet Hair

The main focus in cleaning is your fingerprints on the kitchen appliances, the splattered grease on the surface of the counter, or the dirt on the dishes. If you have the pet in the home, you should equip an upholstered chair for them. When you want to remove pet hair out of your furniture, you can utilize the damp gloves or a lint roller. It’s okay!

7. Skip the Fresh Air

Anyone feels easy-going when putting their feet on a clean kitchen. On the contrary, the food odor from last night flies to your noses. Oh no! It is really awful! What do you have to do? – It uses the artificial air fresheners. Don’t forget to open the window in your kitchen ~ 15 minutes. If you want to utilize the fragrance kind, it recommends that you should use vanilla or cinnamon. Simply, their odor is pretty easy-going.

8. Tea or Coffee

Frequently, when the guest comes to home, the majority of the people will prepare either a cup of coffee or a kettle of tea. It regrets that both are dirty. How can you clean them in the shortest time? Well, the first, you will wipe the outside of both, by utilizing the warm soapy water to rinse. The next, it pours the water into the kettle and boils on your stove. If you use a glass in order to contain coffee, you only need to use the warm soapy water after rinsing with water. Nothing is too complicated, right?

9. Clear out all the Clutter

Yes, the kitchen is a place, which is pretty messy, including, keys, socks, mail, ponytail holders, and so on. All make a clean kitchen become messy. Not only guest but also you will also feel uncomfortable when removing them to one side to have a seat. A clear space in the kitchen will make your mood better after a work day at your office. You don’t likely need to classify them, instead, you can put them to one side. You will do that when having time. A good idea to try, right?

10. Clean the Microwave

It will actually be bad if your microwave includes the leftover foods and awful smells. Don’t worry! Cleaning a microwave is not too difficult. To get rid of the bad odor in this machine, it is necessary to utilize a bowl of water. In there, you add two slices of lemon, a little powder (vanilla, orange, or lemon). Then, it turns on at the suitable temperature for several minutes. The last one, you only clean it. It gives you back a new fresh microwave.

11. Clean the Floor

Another bad thing is a dirty floor. There are the spills, the pieces of fragments,… They make your kitchen look worse. It cleans everything quickly with a vacuum or broom. It is noticed that it uses a damp cloth to remove the spills.

Now, your kitchen becomes tidy and clean. Happy celebrating enjoy.

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