Let’s face it – vacuuming your home is a crucial chore; though one whose importance most people overlook. Remember, this is something most of us do on a weekly basis, so if you want to minimize the effort you’ll be putting into this, the best thing you can do is find the proper equipment. There are many aspects of vacuuming that can take a lot of time and energy without a good vacuum cleaner. For example, imagine vacuuming the stairs without a quality cleaner!

If you don’t want this chore something you’ll dread every other week, you don’t have to spend money on hiring someone to do it for you; simply get the best vacuum for stairs that you can find! However, choosing the best vacuum for carpeted stairs isn’t easy; at least not as easy as you think. There are more than a few things to keep into account. You need a device that will allow you to clean easily, with good maneuverability. After all, you’ll need to access some hard-to-reach areas, like nasty corners and the space beneath your stairs. So, if you want to choose the best possible device – take a look at our in-depth guide below!

5 Best Vacuum For Stairs Consumer Reports: Editor’s Recommended

15 Best Vacuum For Stairs Consumer Reports:

1. Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

Let’s kick this list off with one of the best handheld corded vacuums for stairs – the Bissel Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum. So, what does this device offer you? To put things simply right from the get-go – this vacuum will render any sort of cleaning chore the easiest thing in the world. You won’t need to put in any particular effort into cleaning your stairs with this awesome cleaner. Firstly, its weight is quite light, and basically unnoticeable; dragging it around the house won’t be too much of a difficulty. And that’s really important when you’re cleaning up and down the staircase!

Most users report that the carry handle is extremely well-designed, allowing you to take the vacuum around your home with absolutely no effort; you won’t feel your fingers or palm being strained by this product. Plus, you get a nifty Floor Nozzle for multiple surfaces, ensuring that cleaning any sort of space is easy. Regardless of whether you want to use it for carpeted stairs, bare floors, or rugs; it will perform admirably. It’s also got a neat telescoping wand, giving you the option to maneuver everywhere comfortably; no staircase will remain dirty if you decide on purchasing this product!

Highlighted Features:

  • Powerful suction, great for rugs, bare floors, stairs, and above-floor maintenance.
  • A switch allowing you to clean hard floors and carpeted stairs differently, with a specific setting
  • A long cord, that’s also retractable
  • Easy to carry around due to being lightweight
  • Comfortable handle for carrying around

2. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


When you’re choosing the best vacuum for stairs, you may decide to buy the best handheld cordless vacuum. After all, while some of these products may have a long cord; many people opt for the complete relaxation that a cordless device offers you while vacuuming. With that in mind – why not take a look at a device manufactured by one of the biggest titans of vacuuming technology?

That’s right, we’re talking about the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner; the one that comes in yellow. Firstly, as is important for any steam cleaner, this one will let you clean any staircase easily with incredible suction. It’s incredibly versatile; not only does it not have a cord, but it’s also quite light. Obviously, this is a huge advantage when you’re doing a huge spring clean, which includes your stairs. The great battery included in this device can provide you with great running time, depending on which of its many modes you use. For example, if you set the suction power to its maximum, you’ll find that the vacuum can run for a good 40 minutes without pause.

On the other hand, the more detail-oriented soft roller cleaning head can work for 30 minutes. This one is great because it operates with very stiff bristles made out of nylon; no stair carpeting will remain dirty if you use this.

Highlighted Features:

  • Trusted manufacturer
  • 40 minutes of run time when set on max
  • Powerful suction capable of cleaning any stairs
  • Different heads and extensions for different cleaning jobs
  • Quality HEPA filtration

3. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum

When you’re about to start a big cleaning run; you want to make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. And while the Dyson product we’ve mentioned above is definitely one of the top mainstream choices; there are plenty of alternatives when it comes to the best cordless vacuums for stairs. In fact, some of them offer even more versatility. This is where the Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum comes into play.

There are two things that set this great vacuum apart from the rest of the pack, especially when it comes to cleaning stairs. And that’s the durable battery and extremely powerful suction mechanisms that this device can boast with. First of all, its brushless motor is capable of giving you quite a powerful suction; while simultaneously remaining very quiet. It’s one of the best things if you want to get rid of deeply embedded dirt without any difficulties. And as we’ve mentioned, its detachable lithium-based battery can provide you with up to half an hour of an uninterrupted quality cleaning experience. Also, as you may have gathered – it’s cordless, so there will be no cumbersome cord-handling with this one. And its main body is less than 3lbs heavy! Plus, you can detach it and it becomes a handheld device, with complete ease. It’ll come packaged with a couple of great accessories, allowing you to clean floor-to-ceiling without any difficulties.

Highlighted Features:

  • Switch lock for continuous power mode
  • Lightweight
  • Cordless
  • Filtration system with a great seal
  • High-quality power brush

4. Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)

If you’re looking for the best vacuum for stairs, there’s one thing that you’re surely in the market for – a device that loses no power or suction over long-term use. After all, buying a vacuum cleaner isn’t something you want to do every other day. This is definitely a long-term investment. Or, at least, it is if you buy a quality device. Which is why our next pick of the draft is a vacuum that’s main selling point is great durability. Indeed, with the Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac – you won’t have to worry about buying a new one in a long, long time.

Plus, it’s extremely practical. This isn’t just a vacuum you can use for cleaning stairs; it’s pretty great for other kinds of quick and easy cleans. After all, you can’t spare the time to go through a huge cleaning session every week. And with this, you’ll be able to give your stairs a quick dusting in just a couple of minutes. Also, there’s no other surface that the Shark Rocket can’t handle. It’s adept at dealing with everything from car interiors to above-floor surfaces. If you want a device that comes with all of the needed accessories to perform any kind of cleaning job – this is the right choice! With this vacuum, you’ll get a stretch hose for bigger interiors, a motorized brush for minimal effort, and a more precise dusting brush.

Highlighted Features:

  • Won’t lose power or suction over sustained use
  • Great for car interiors, stairs and above-floor areas
  • Dust cup that’s easy to empty
  • Long power cord
  • Light weight

5. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Up next, we’ve got another Dyson product. And when you’re dealing with such a household name in vacuum manufacturing, you can be sure that you’ll be getting one of the best upright vacuums for stairs you’ll find anywhere! So, what kind of features can this Dyson model dazzle you with? First of all, this vacuum has one of the biggest and most practical bin volumes among all of the handheld vacuums you’ll find on the market – more than half a liter!

Plus, its run time is pretty amazing for a cordless device. Even if you use its max suction settings, you’ll get about an hour of cleaning out of it without pause. And if you’re cleaning your staircase, you’re not likely to need that much time. You’ll find that this vacuum comes equipped with state-of-the-art cyclone technology. Its whopping 14 cyclones work in concert to rid your staircase of even the most stubborn dirt. On top of that, the vacuum also has an impressive filtration system; you won’t have issues with dirty air while you’re using it.

Remember that impressive battery power we’ve mentioned above? It’s actually even more durable, because the vacuum comes with an instant-release trigger. That way, you won’t be wasting any battery power while you clean. And with its plethora of different modes, you’ll be able to get rid of everything from fine dust to large debris.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy transformation into a small handheld vacuum for car cleaning
  • Many different cleaning modes
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Power-saving trigger
  • Cordless, providing extreme versatility

6. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet

Moving away from Dyson once more, we turn to another reputable name in vacuum manufacturing – Shark. And this rotator powered model will definitely live up to the hype you expect from such a trusted company. Indeed, the NV752 is definitely a quality product – and it’s available at very agreeable prices, making it one of the top choices on this list. But apart from affordability, what are some of the other features you can expect to get with this device?

Well, let’s just say that the word of the day is – comfort. You can see that a comfortable and breezy user experience was carefully considered in every part of this device’s design. That much is obvious even from a cursory glance; for example, if you examine the fingertip controls, you’ll find that they’re incredibly well put together. These handle-based controls give you the option of switching from bare floor vacuuming to carpet cleaning without any effort. Plus, it’s not heavy at all – in fact, it may be the best lightweight vacuum for stairs you’ll find on this list.

And if you need any further proof on how much Shark considered the user experience with this one, take a look at the neat LED lighting they’ve included on the nozzle and the handle. Remember how frustrating it was to clean under furniture and in dark corners? You’d barely see what you were doing, leaving a lot of the work not done. But with lighting on the vacuum itself, this is a thing of the past.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Great design
  • Fingertip controls
  • LED lights
  • Dynamic swivel for steering

7. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner BH50010

Speaking of respected companies in the vacuum manufacturing sector – Hoover is definitely another one of them. And that’s why we’ll offer our insight on a pair of their products right here. Firstly, let’s have a look at what their Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner offers. Seeing as we’re talking about a cordless cleaner, the biggest point that’s in question is its battery power. And don’t worry, the BH50010 does not lack anything in that regard. It’s built for interchangeable batteries, the standard lithium-ion ones. That’s no small thing, especially coupled with the fact that it’s cordless. Combine these two features, and you basically get a vacuum you can use as much as you’d like; provided you have enough batteries.

And much like the previous vacuum that we’ve reviewed – this one was also superbly designed, primarily with a breezy user experience in mind. The controls for most of the features of the vacuum are located so that you can interact with them using your fingertips; essentially guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. Plus, you won’t have to do any guesswork to know how much battery power your Linx has got. Its designers added a nifty gauge for battery power just for that purpose! And the Linx’s brushes are also no small feat in terms of design; the household WindTunnel technology its manufacturers have implemented is truly top-notch. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be cleaning hard floors or carpeted stairs; it’ll be no issue!

Highlighted Features:

  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Quality brush roll
  • Adaptive to multiple surfaces
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Cool minimalistic design

8. Shark Upright & Canister Upright Vacuum

As you may have gathered by now, buying the best stick vacuum for stairs means taking a lot of different factors into account. At the end of the day, though – you simply need to know which manufacturers you can trust to deliver the best possible product for your cleaning purposes. With that in mind, we’ve got one last vacuum cleaner from Shark to recommend to you; though it’s definitely not the least!

If you’ve switched out a couple of different vacuum cleaners by now, you’re probably familiar with the fact that most low-quality cleaners tend to lose suction after a couple of months or a year. Imagine it – putting down your hard-earned money for a cleaner, and it works great; only to discover that its quality quickly diminishes with time. And with this Shark Upright model, you won’t have to worry about that at all! Plus, the device offers pristine maneuverability, with a thoughtful design that allows you to clean everything around the house. On top of all that, it’s quite light; meaning you won’t be too encumbered when you switch the areas you’re cleaning. This baby weighs barely more than 10 pounds! Plus, its excellent brush roll is capable of cleaning any imaginable surface. You can use it on a bare floor, and it’ll perform as well as it would on carpeted stairs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable suction technology
  • Very versatile and light
  • Capable of cleaning any surface
  • Dust cup with a large capacity
  • Easy maintenance

9. Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum

While you make your choice among all of the best vacuums for stairs available on the market, there’s one thing you need to realize; no product will be completely perfect. No matter how high its quality is, you’re bound to have to make some sort of compromise. And the sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll be on your way to obtaining a great cleaning device!

Naturally, all of us have different priorities. Some of us are able to lift more, meaning that a bulky device would be fine if its got enough power. On the other hand, others are more inclined towards smaller devices, that may not have a suction that’s too powerful; but they’re easy to carry around. If you’re one of the latter, this handheld vacuum from Bissell will simply blow you away – all pun intended. It’s a small, no-nonsense kind of vacuum; but perfectly capable of helping you thoroughly clean up your stairs. Plus, its small size means that it’s practical in other ways as well; no matter where you decide to put it, it won’t take up too much storage space.

Indeed, this vacuum cleaner is all about zero effort; that might as well be its middle name. And not just in terms of size either; for example, its got a great no-bag cleaning cup, which you’ll be able to empty in a second and keep on vacuuming.

And sure, it’s got a cord; but don’t think that this will limit your cleaning versatility in any way. The cord is extremely long, standing at over 18 feet. Really, there aren’t a lot of situations where you’ll have to move the plug if you want to clean farther.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extremely Long Cord
  • Edge and crevice tool
  • Wide Mouth Tool
  • Long hose
  • Big cup capacity

10. Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vac

If there’s one thing most people look for in their vacuum cleaners – its convenience. After all, that’s why you’re going to so much trouble to pick the right device. Not doing so would mean dealing with a big hassle every time your stairs need some vacuuming. And with that in mind, just as with the last cleaner we’ve presented; the following one is also built with utter user convenience in mind. Indeed, the Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vac has your comfort and ease of use in mind; or at least, its design does.

Do you want to go through daily messes around your household with absolute ease? If so, the Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vac will definitely be a good fit for you. Bear in mind, it’s not designed for huge floor cleaning; though with an Air Cordless 2 in 1, you can fit the two together for one powerful vacuuming package. Naturally, though; you must be wondering if the Hand Vac is worth its salt on its own. And we’re delighted to conclude that it is! It’s got plenty of features that make detailed vacuuming of tough spots far easier than you imagine it could be. It’s got an interchangeable lithium-ion battery, so you won’t need to worry about recharging it either. With this handy device, no nook or cranny will remain dirty and dusty!

Highlighted Features:

  • Turbo Power Tool – for stairs and furniture
  • Major Versatility
  • Tool for crevices
  • Cordless
  • Lithium-ion battery you can simply replace

11. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Handheld Vacuum

If you’re looking for serious power levels when it comes to your handheld vacuum, you’ll find that the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Handheld Vacuum is certainly what you’re looking for. Firstly, it’s got a nifty lithium-ion battery, coupled with an amazingly lightweight design; carrying it around will be easy as pie. Plus, you get a base for effortless charging. The best thing about this product is the fact that it’s not just powerful, but also easily stored. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t be dealing with a bulky vacuum that takes up an entire closet section or cupboard area.

And its practicality isn’t evident just by its small size; with this Black+Decker device, you’ll get a crevice brush and tool that will allow you to easily reach any tricky area – and give it a good cleaning! That’s especially true considering the vacuum’s unique pivoting nose, that’s particularly great for difficult angles. Also, as you may have deduced yourself – this cleaner is designed to be incredibly easy to maintain. You can easily clean it by just taking the bowl off and washing it in the sink.

Last but not least, remember how important it is to have a trusty manufacturer for your vacuuming devices. In that department, Black+Decker truly shines; as we’re talking about a company that has more than a century of tradition behind it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact size
  • Decent suction
  • Pivoting nose for small areas
  • Lithium-ion battery for easy replacement
  • Charging station

12. Makita XLC02R1B 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless Vacuum Kit

If you want to try out a different manufacturer of compact cordless vacuums – here’s another one that would fit perfectly within your staircase. We present to you the Makita XLC02R1B 18V LXT Cordless Vacuum! This compact and nifty device will give you the chance to clean with an immensely powerful vacuum cleaner. Should you try it out, you’ll find that this vacuum is pretty powerful, especially if you consider that its cordless – you won’t find such strong suction everywhere! It’s definitely capable of helping you at efficient and quick cleaning. Plus, seeing as it’s not too long, this sort of vacuum is one you can use both as a hand-vac and as a larger device. If you’re after the latter, this Makita vacuum has an extension for areas that aren’t easy to reach, as well as carpets and floors. Its myriad extensions will definitely be of huge help when you’re trying to properly clean up your stairs.

As you may have heard already from people who are in the vacuum business, where this device truly stands out is its battery. Namely, XLC02R1B comes with a kit containing a rechargeable lithium ion battery. And sure, you’ve heard that about a bunch of vacuums on this list. But, this battery is a special, quick-charge one; if you use it with the Makita fast charger you’ll get along with the device. Comparative tests have actually proven that Makita’s batteries have quicker charging times than most other competitors, so this is definitely something to think about.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large battery
  • Unique quick charging technology
  • Cordless
  • Versatile for all kinds of cleaning
  • Compact

13. EUREKA EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Speaking of versatile, we have to say – there aren’t many vacuums capable of rightly calling themselves that as much as the EUREKA EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. This is one of the final vacuum for stairs we’ve picked on this list, and for good reason. Remember, while choosing the best vacuum for stairs is important; you’ll also be using this device to clean other areas of your home as well. People rarely have a dedicated vacuum just for their stairs. With that in mind, you’ll want something that versatile enough to be used both in your garage, car, or the stairs. And this Eureka vacuum is exactly that.

It’s got less than 5 pounds, meaning that you won’t struggle to carry it around while cleaning. And it works magic on carpeted stairs and floors; with a hugely efficient motorized brush, you’ll be able to give your carpets a wholesale cleaning. Plus, it’s got a filter that’s designed to be emptied quite easily – there will be no hassle with that. On top of all that – it’s got some of the longest built-in cords we’ve seen on any handheld vacuum cleaner: a whopping 20 feet! And if you’re not sure how satisfied you’ll be with this cleaner, bear in mind that you get it with a money back warranty from the manufacturer. Really, it’s a win-win situation with this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • One year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Incredibly powerful suction
  • Great for stair cleaning
  • Able to clean all kinds of surfaces
  • Crevice brush

14. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s another vacuum cleaner that’s pretty adept at providing you with an all-around great cleaning experience. It doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to extremely impressive suction; with it, you’ll get a pair of power modes that give you non-stop suction while the device is on. And as you’ll soon find out, this device is great for tile floors, carpeted stairs, and even hardwood! There aren’t many surfaces that this vacuum can’t handle with ease.

Obviously, great suction is a common feature that many of the devices we’ve shared here have. However, what sets it apart in a more meaningful way is the filtration system, designed for high efficiency. It’s based on 4 separate stages of filtration, all done through a HEPA filter that will allow no bacteria and microscopic dust to escape. If you’re sensitive to allergies, don’t worry; you won’t have allergens escaping from this vacuum. And apart from its health benefits, it’s also got a motorized floor head that’s better than most other models on the market. On it, both stiff and soft bristles are found together on a single roller; making it versatile enough to deal with any kind of embedded dirt without issue. Plus, it’s incredibly light, weighing less than 3 pounds! Plus, if all of that versatility is not enough for you; it comes with different attachments that you’ll use depending on the surface!

Highlighted Features:

  • Attachments for additional versatility
  • High amount of suction power
  • Impressive HEPA filter
  • Incredibly light
  • Good battery

15. Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Pure ONE S12

Lastly, we arrive at one of the more cutting-edge technical solutions when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaning. Indeed, the Tineco Cordless Vacuum is definitely one of the most impressive ones on the market; however, bear in mind that it does come with quite a hefty price tag. But does it give you a nice bang for your buck? Just how much does this pay off in the end? Well, it definitely does! First of all, this bad boy comes with a Smart Suction system for truly deep cleaning. It has an amazing iLoop sensor that you can use to detect any hidden dust in your home; no dirt will miss your gaze when you’re vacuuming with this device! Plus, you don’t have to concern yourself with suction power levels, like on other devices; this device adjusts its suction power automatically, and in real time! There will be no hassling with the technicalities with this vacuum.

And that’s not where its benefits end, either. When you’re vacuuming your stairs, you’re bound to make quite a lot of noise. Well, not with this vacuum you’re not! Because it comes with a highly advanced smart noise optimization system, which actually makes it less noisy than any other device on this list. On top of all that, its battery power is also designed to be optimized as best possible; you can use it for up to 100 minutes in one go, which is truly a result no other device here can come close to. So, if you’re ready to invest quite a bit of money into a great vacuum – this is a fine choice!

Highlighted Features:

  • Smart Noise Detection
  • Optimized Battery Power
  • Smart deep cleaning suction
  • Filter Cleaning Tool
  • LED Display

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Select Stairs Vacuum

While buying the best vacuum for stairs, be aware that there are plenty of things you’ll have to keep in mind as you choose the best model. Each one has its pros and cons, some of which are features that will be crucial for how well you’ll be able to use it on your stairs. And naturally, in your home in general. Obviously, you want this cleaning to be as comfortable as possible, not challenging – quick and efficient.


As a general rule of thumb – the vacuum you decide on should correspond to the surface you’ll be cleaning with it. For example, if you’re one of those people who carpet their stairs, you’ll need a more powerful device than you otherwise would. That’s because the carpet attracts dust, crumbs, and dirt in general; requiring some powerful suction to reach in between the fibers and scoop it all up. So, to put it simply – you need to look for powerful suction. And be careful while browsing, as some manufacturers don’t state the suction power of their products in the advertisement or on the website. If they don’t, you can still get an idea of how powerful it is by looking at the motor specs. Take a look at the wattage of the motor, and see how high it is.

When it comes to handhelds and cordless sticks, you’ll have to compare their runtime to their battery capacity and see how much of a kick it can give you.


Apart from the suction power, there are certain surfaces that will need additional agitation – provided by a brush roll that spins. For example, if you’ve got thick carpeting, even the strongest suction might not be enough to make it pristine. Have a look at models that come with motorized brushes; if it’s a stairway members of your household use frequently, this will basically be a necessity. Luckily, most sticks out there have such a feature. So, depending on the surface of your stairs, you might want to look into those. And we could basically go on forever naming the particular features to watch out for. You could be looking at an anti-tangling brush, which is incredibly useful if you’re cleaning your steps of pet hair.

There are no two ways around it; if you want your vacuum to be capable of dealing with hard-to-reach spots, it will need to have a specific set of features. For example, you want to have a long extension hose if you’re going to buy a canister vacuum. And have a look at what attachments you get with the vacuum; these will determine precisely what kind of area you’ll be able to clean without a hassle.


If you’re going to buy a stick or an upright vacuum, here’s a piece of advice; look at models that come with a swiveling body. Trust us, having a proper swivel will save you a world of trouble if you’re going to clean your house from top to bottom. Also, make sure that the roll of the vacuum is smooth enough for fast-paced cleaning. For carpeted staircases, this is an incredibly important feature.

How To Use A Stair Vacuum

The people who read an in-depth article like this already realize how important choosing the finest vacuum for stairs is. After all, if you want to be as effective as possible in cleaning your staircase, you’ll need the right tools for the job. And now all that you’ve learned about stair vacuum cleaners comes into play! More specifically, the fact that you want a device with plenty of attachments, allowing you versatility and comfort. So, how do you best use a vacuum on your stairs?

If you ask us, the best way to get to clean stairs is to go from the bottom to the top, and clean the edges and the corners first. Then, as you go down, clear all of the largest vertical and horizontal surfaces on the staircase. At that point, you can switch over from the thinner attachment that’s most useful for corners to a wide one. And if your vacuum comes with a motorized brush, this will make it all a lot easier! Once you’ve got the wider attachment on, start sweeping the entire staircase and you’re all set.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stairs Vacuum

What is the best way to vacuum stairs?

Well, as you may have gathered from above, there are two things that are important if you truly want your stairs to be clean. First of all, you want to do it methodically. Think of how you’ll approach the cleaning before you do. Haphazard random movements will just make you prematurely tired. And second of all, you need to be thorough. No part of your staircase can be left unchecked! If you combine these two traits, you’ll find that cleaning your stairs is not only easy; but it’s also incredibly effective.

Do you think strong suction power is required for the stair vacuum?

As you may have surmised yourself – suction power is generally a good trait in any vacuum. Naturally, you want your device to be as powerful as possible. However, is that really crucial when it comes to vacuuming your stairs? In and of itself, it doesn’t have to be; but if your stairs are carpeted, then suction power is definitely an important thing to think about. It can be deciding factor between having a superficial cleaning and truly pristine stairs in your home.

Which kind of vacuum is best for stairs?

Okay, so there are a couple of traits you should think about when buying a vacuum that you’ll specifically be using on your staircase. First of all, think in terms of weight. If you’re not someone who can lift a lot, or for very long; you do not want a bulky vacuum. Taking a huge vacuum up and down the stairs is something of a dangerous workout. With that in mind, consider getting a smaller, handheld device. Also, definitely think about cordless options; tripping over a long cord on a staircase is a dicey proposition.

What is the best vacuum cleaner on the market today?

This is a pretty tough question, as we’ve all got different needs when it comes to vacuum cleaners; most of which are highly specific and dependant on our households. But, the Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner we’ve talked about at the end of our reviews is definitely a strong contender. Sure, it’s expensive; but its design is definitely up there with the best vacuums of all time, while also being quite contemporary. That model has a couple of features you won’t find anywhere else.

What is the best stair carpet cleaner?

When it comes to carpeted stairs, you want a combination of features in a vacuum that isn’t always easy to find. On one hand, you definitely quite a powerful suction; but on the other, you don’t want a huge vacuum you won’t be able to take up and down the staircase. With that in mind, we recommend the Black+Decker 20V MAX Handheld Vacuum. This is one of those lightweight models you can easily hold in your hand, but it will also surprise you in terms of suction power.

Final Verdict:

As you can see, picking and choosing in your search for the best vacuum for stairs is no easy business. But, if you take a look at your household, as well as the diverse features of the many different vacuum models; you will have all that you need to make an informed decision. Just make sure you think long and hard before making your purchase. We hope that you learned something new from our buying guide today and feel more confident about making the purchase. Feel free to share the article and any questions you might have. Stay safe, guys!


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