The Data Communications Company (DCC) has verified that the national security network has been linked to the 15 millionths smart meter.

At 11:11 a.m on September 24, 2018, OVO Energy installed a second-generation electricity smart meter in Eastleigh, bringing the total number of connected homes to over 1 million.

Although this is an important statistical milestone for DCC, it is also positive from an energy efficiency standpoint because conservative estimates show that households linked to the national smart meter network save over 2 terawatt-hours of power each year.

This equals the gas power station’s yearly output of energy or 150 massive wind turbines. In practical terms, it corresponds to the entire annual energy consumption of York City.

CO2 emissions have been reduced by 434,000 tonnes each year as a consequence of homes using smart meters.

Money may be saved by utilizing smart meters.

Last year, the energy market was extremely volatile, with rates increasing dramatically.

Although you can’t yet conduct an energy comparison and switch suppliers to save money on your bills, a smart meter may assist you to reduce your energy consumption.

Accurate energy readings are collected by smart meters and sent to your in-home display.

You may view how much power you’re using in real-time as a result of this. You can use the knowledge provided to take proactive measures to decrease your energy usage.

Around 85 percent of smart meter households modify their behavior in order to save energy, according to Smart Energy GB.

Furthermore, those questioned by the firm found the in-home display useful in determining how their actions impact their power use in real-time.

Collectively, Smart Energy GB believes that £560 million could be saved throughout the UK if every home utilized a smart meter.

“With the world heating up, the need for smart meters has never been greater,” says Data Communications Company CEO, Angus Flett.

“The present volatility in the energy market suggests that we must cut our dependence on fossil fuels. Smart meters will be essential to reduce usage and operate our grid more intelligently – meters on our national network are now saving cities,” he adds.

“The DCC helps support consumer protections. Millions of households across Britain are now able to access the best energy tariffs through their smart meter, while having the data at their fingertips to reduce their energy usage.”

How to Get a Smart Meter

If you don’t already have a smart meter in your home, contact your energy provider to get one.

The majority of the UK’s top energy providers provide their clients with smart meters, and you may inquire about switching to their best energy plan during the procedure.


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