You spend time and cash investing in your pants and therefore it is important to store them in such a way that they are easily accessible and free from creases or wrinkles. Finding the best pant hangers will help you in keeping all your jeans, skirts, trousers, and other bottoms conveniently in your wardrobe. You will also have the opportunity to utilize the available space as efficiently as you can.

Top 5 Best Pant Hangers: Editor’s Pick

For you to accurately pick the right hangers, it is important to keep in mind the number of pants you want to hang and the available space. There are ample sets of specific hangers available for closets that can only accommodate a few pairs of pants. However, you can still get space-saving hangers that are designed to hold several pairs in a small space that normally would accommodate a single pair. Other hangers are designed in such ways that even the slip-prone or heavy pants can’t plunge to the floor.

Here are the best pant hangers that can fit in any closet and still leave some extra space.

12 Best Pant Hangers Review:

1. Jeronic 20 Pack Stack Pant Hangers Trouser Jeans Hangers

These hangers are cleverly designed to allow you access slacks conveniently, while the strong-grip coated arms prevent your pants from creasing or falling to the ground. They are open-ended and therefore there is no need of removing the slack hangers from your rack.

Jeronic 20 Pack Stack Pant Hangers will help your closet become more functional and organized. These sets are made of chrome-plated metal and coated with a sure-grip finish. They can comfortably fit in any standard wardrobe rails.

Simply slip your pants from the open end and hand them in your closet. The hangers come with a foam material that holds the pants safely in place and prevent them from slipping. One feature that makes them the best trouser hangers is that you can effortlessly pull off your pant without causing interference in your wardrobe.

Given that they are made of stainless steel, these hangers are durable and won’t deform even if your pants are heavy. They are finished with a black rubber coating which means they won’t cause damages and your clothes won’t fall down to the floor. Another feature is that they don’t have sharp edges that can harm your clothes or cause injury to your hands.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel and black rubber coating.
  • Very rigid and can accommodate multiple items without deformation.
  • Curved and coated edges for the safety of your hands and clothes.
  • Can be used with other items like scarves, ties, and towels.
  • Can fit in all standard closet rails.

2. DOIOWN S-Type Stainless Steel Clothes Pants Hangers

If you are looking for a hanger with durability and the urge to reorganize your closet is in mind, DOIOWN S-Type hanger will come to your rescue. This is a multipurpose hanger that will not only save space in your closet but also keep it neat and clean. This hanger can be used for hanging pants, belts, clothes, ties, scarves, and towels. The S-shape makes it one of the best space-saving hangers which means you can hang more than one item in your wardrobe in a single hanger.

It is made of stainless steel of high quality and intensity. The sturdy construction and scratch resistance are marks of quality and durability. Rust resistance is a feature that makes this hanger unique. It also has a prime transparency rubber coating which is scratch-resistant and non-slip.

The plastic cover at the end of this hanger will prevent your clothes from falling off. It also protects your pants and clothes from wrinkling. The plastic is non-toxic and doesn’t contain any chemical smell. With strong bearing strength, it can hardly get out of shape. You can hang up to 5 pants without bending.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel material makes it long-lasting and rust-resistant.
  • Sturdy construction makes it hard to bend.
  • Scratch-resistant and smooth surfaces with plastic end to prevent your clothes from creasing, scratching, and falling to the ground.
  • S-shape means you can hang more items on a single hanger.
  • Super convenient for drying your pants, clothes, and scarf.

3. House Day Velvet Skirt Hangers

Are you looking for multipurpose hangers that will not only hold your pants, but also your expensive coats, suits, shirts, belts, bars, and tie? High Performance Velvet Skirt Hangers will suit all your wardrobe needs. They rank among the best huggable hangers with clips to firmly grip your clothes. These clips are cushioned to avoid tearing or snagging your clothes and can effortlessly slide on the hanger’s bar to accommodate your wide range of styles and sizes.

With the 360-degree swivel hook, it is possible to turn your clothes around without moving the entire hanger. Each shoulder has notches where you can hang clothes that have thin shoulder straps.

Instead of metal or stiff plastic, these hangers are coated with luxurious and soft velvet which is friendly to both your hands and clothes. The manufacturer states that they have used the finest velvet material around the hanger to prevent shedding or staining your clothes. This coating also prevents your clothes from slipping.

The clips are stainless and come from eco-friendly durable materials that will last for years. The corners of the stainless bars are reinforced to make the hangers stronger enough to accommodate up to 10 pounds of heavy jeans and coats.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multipurpose for nearly everything in your laundry.
  • Durable stainless bar with reinforced corners.
  • Presence of cushioned clips to prevent your clothes from tearing or snagging.
  • Soft velvet around the hanger’s bar for comfortable handling.
  • 360-degree swivel hook allows turning your clothes around without touching the entire hanger.
  • Quality 100% satisfaction guarantee from HOUSE DAY.

4. ZOBER High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers with Clips

Are you the kind of a person who wants to decorate your closet with the touch of wooden hangers? ZOBER High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers are made of high quality wood and has the ability to maintain the pristine look for many years ahead. The wooden bars are covered with lacquer for preservation on its original form and to enhance the beauty of your wardrobe.

The 2 wooden bars are lined with a non slip felt plus tight-clip mechanism that will strongly grip your clothes and ensure that they don’t tumble down. The versatility of these wooden sets makes them rank among the best hangers for dress pants that you can’t afford to miss in your closet. They can comfortably accommodate pants, jeans, towels, shorts, leggings, and skirts. In addition, you will never have to clutter your closet floors again. These multifunctional hangers will hold even your socks, leggings, and pillowcases.

Their durability comes from the anti-rust chrome metal and solid wood. Careful hand-crafting with these quality materials not only make them durable, but also strong enough to hold more items. They also have a unique design that makes them practical and space saving. They have a slim body to make your closet neat and less cluttered. Plus they have a 360-degree rotatable hook which makes clothes easily accessible.

Highlighted Features:

  • LUXE WOOD makes them durable and original in appearance.
  • Non-slip grip ensures your clothes are firmly held.
  • Versatile use for all your clothes.
  • 360-degree rotatable hook eases access to your closet.
  • Smooth wood finish prevents scratching or tearing your clothes.

5. House DAY Pants Hangers 25 Pcs 12inch Black

You have probably not come across a perfect hanger that comfortably matches with your favorite pants. Are you sick and tired of seeing your clothes cluttered in your closet? Or do they constantly keep falling off from other hangers?

House DAY Pant Hangers 25 Pack Black Plastic Pant Hangers will revolutionize your closet experiences and get all your clothes organized. Apart from being firm and strong, these hangers come with reliable clips to hold all your jeans and skirts. They are made from high-quality plastic material that is break-resistant. It doesn’t matter how many jeans, skirts, or trousers you have. Simply get them hooked and you will see a transformed closet. A feature that makes them rank top among the best luxury hangers is that they don’t occupy much space in your closet.

They have a 360-degree rotatable hook for easy hanging and access to your clothes. The metal hook is made of stainless steel. For rust-resistant shine and smoothness, they are finished in polished chrome. The thickened materials make the plastic hard and firm enough.

To ensure that your pants don’t tumble, House DAY Hangers come with large non-slip clips to offer robust grip which are easy to press. The clips are capable of holding heavyweight and prevent your clothes from creases and wrinkles.

Highlighted Features:

  • Space-saving design with thickened material for firmness and durability.
  • 360-degree rotatable hook makes hanging and accessing clothes simple.
  • Well packaged in an orderly manner to avoid breakages.
  • 25PCS in one is enough for a whole family.
  • Large non-slip clips for enhanced grip.

6. Tosnail 15 Pack Metal Pants Skirt Hangers with Clips

Find the most convenient way to give your wardrobe a facelift with a set of 15 metal hangers that come with clips. Their ideal size of 12”L x 5”H will fit any standard closet rods. With Tosnail 15 Pack Metal Pants Skirt Hangers, it is possible to hang a shirt and pants all at once on a single hanger to ensure your closet is organized. Their firm construction is tailored to accommodate different shapes and styles of pants, coats, and shirts.

You don’t have to be worried about your delicate clothes. These hangers come with two adjustable anti-rust clips that are suitable for soft clothes and ensure a safe grip even for your delicate clothing. They also have a 360-degree swivel hook that will help turn around the hanged clothes without disturbing the entire hanger.

Their strength and durability comes from the firm chrome metal construction capable of holding heavy pants. The non-slip steel clips are coated with black vinyl to make them anti-rust and solid. There are non-slip rubbers in the end to protect your clothes from slipping.

One feature that ranks them among the best hangers for jeans is that they have 2 adjustable clips. This makes them suitable for different kinds of clothes for both kids and adults.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 15 pieces with clips and fits most standard wardrobes.
  • Anti-rust and sturdy metal construction for strength and durability.
  • Clips are adjustable to suit different sizes of pants.
  • Slime design that saves space to maximize your closet utilization.
  • Suitable for hanging all sorts of clothes including slacks, pants, skirts, boots, and other garments.

7. Titan Mall Pants Hangers 30 Pack 12inch Black Plastic Skirt Hanger

If you are looking for something economical and elegant to hang your pants, Titan Mall Pants Hangers will get the job done perfectly with their bulk pack of 30 pant hangers. They come with non-slip clips for robust pinch grip at both ends which are larger than in other pants hangers. These clips are easy to press open and won’t hurt your fingers. With an ability to hold up to 20 pounds, the clips will protect both your clothes and hands against deep indentations.

Being among the best pants hangers, they come with a 360-degree rotatable swivel hook which makes hanging and accessing clothes in your closet a breeze. The hook is stainless and chrome finished giving it a rust-resistant shine.

The premium quality plastic makes these hangers long-lasting. They are, break-resistant, splinter-free, and firm enough to hold heavy jeans, wet clothes, and large trousers.

They also have a decent space-saving blueprint measuring 12” in length and 6.5” in height which is suitable enough for all standard closets to keep your clothes neat and organized. Their big clips can hold more than one pant in each hanger. These hangers are worth buying if you want to keep your skirts and pants wrinkle-free.

Highlighted Features:

  • Big non-slip clips at both ends which are easy to open without hurting your clothes or fingers.
  • 360-degree rotatable swivel hook for easy access and hanging your clothes.
  • Firm and thick material that is break-resistant and stainless steel for durability.
  • Space-saving design is descent and can suit all standard closets.
  • 30 pieces in every pack is sufficient for the whole family.

8. Devesanter Pants Hangers S-Shape Trousers Hangers

If you are still looking for ways to give your closet a little more space to make it organized and compact, Devesanter Pants Hangers will come in handy. These excellent pants hangers can accommodate 5 pairs of dress, jeans, sweatpants, and ties at the same time. Using them will meet all your hanging needs and only use the space of a single hanger.

Thanks to the premium stainless steel used in their construction, these hangers are durable and can hardly get out of their excellent shape. Their smooth surfaces which are coated with transparent rubber are scratch-resistant and offer protection to your clothes against scratching or creasing.

They can perfectly suit in your bathroom, apartment, house, dorms, and more. A single hanger can hold up to 5 pairs of heavy jeans, trousers, or other garments without stretching or getting out of shape.

An added feature that makes them qualify to rank among the best hangers for dress pants is their compatibility for other garments like scarf, towels, slacks, and ties. They have a unique design for convenience when hanging or removing slacks. They also have non-slip caps at the ends which prevent your clothes from falling off.

Highlighted Features:

  • Space-saving with each hanger capable of holding up to 5 heavy trousers or jeans.
  • Stainless steel makes them sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant.
  • A decent and unique design makes them suitable for all types of clothes.
  • Easy to use and multifunctional with a single hanger holding different clothes at the same time.

100% customer satisfaction guarantee and 100% money-back guarantee.

9. Zober High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers with Clips 10 Pack Non Slip Skirt Hangers

Do you want to overhaul the look of your closet by adding a touch of high-quality smooth wood hangers? Zober High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers are made of Luxe Wood which is preserved to keep pristine quality intact for many years to come. The wood is treated with an extra layer of lacquer to safeguard its original look and enhance the appearance of your wardrobe.

These wooden hangers can be used to hang a variety of clothing including skirts, pants, towels, socks, leggings, maxis, and pillowcases. These multifunctional hangers will go a long way in preventing cluttering your dresser drawers and closet floor.

They are both durable and strong as they are hand-crafted with high-quality and solid anti-rust chrome metal. Unlike most skirt/pants hangers, these hangers are slim in shape and appearance to make your closet neater and less cluttered. They also have a 360-degree rotatable hook for ease of access whenever you want to hang or remove clothes. You don’t have to unhook the entire hanger all the time. And guess what? You won’t get the old hanger fold in the middle of your legs with this particular type. This is in reference to pant hanger reviews by some regular users.

As a precaution, you should not forcefully pull out your pants from the hanger. It can make the hinges lose and difficult to fix.

Highlighted Features:

  • Practical and space-saving hangers with a slim body to make your closet less cluttered.
  • Sturdy and durable thanks to high-quality and anti-rust chrome metal.
  • Versatility in use as they are multifunctional for all types of clothes.
  • Unswerving non-slip grip to prevent your clothes from falling off.
  • High quality and smooth Luxe wood for strength and durability.

10. LanGui Pants Hangers

These are budget-friendly and rank among the best pant hangers which are made of chromed metal material. The manufacturer indicates that their high quality hangers are both robust and easy to use. Their goal is to ensure that all the customers can enjoy the good quality of their hangers at a reasonable price. The hangers are available in silver and black.

With an excellent design, these hangers clip are adjustable with a firm grip along the entire width of the hanger. The adjustable clip design makes the hangers suitable for different sizes and shapes of clothes. Their versatility makes them appropriate for hanging pants, dress, shirts, sweatpants, towels, ties, leggings, and more. The slack hanger with clips is a set you can’t afford to miss for your household clothes.

To prevent your clothes from wrinkles and creases, the clips have a plastic tip on the clamp to hold your clothes firmly without leaving any mark.

As some of the best huggable hangers, they are lightweight and flexible with the ability to save more space in your closet.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality and durable material that is robust and rust-resistant.
  • Unique design with adjustable clips to accommodate clothes of different sizes.
  • Clips have plastic tip on clamp to ensure your garments are secure without leaving marks.
  • Lightweight and flexible enough to save space in your closet.
  • Guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with Pant Hangers.

11. SONGMICS Pant Hangers

These rank among the best pant hangers credit to their high clamping power combined with advanced anti-slip lining. They can even hold your silk scarf without slipping. The anti-slip lining not only protects your pants, but also ensures that your trouser remains in place credit to the superior grip.

They have a unique design that is flat to ensure your pants hang uniformly. This guarantees against creases and wrinkles. A full-width clamp will hold tight your trousers and skirts without leaving marks or creases, unlike other clipped hangers. This feature makes them ideal for silk and delicate garments.

Constructed from high-strength ABS, these hangers come with strong and durable joints such that they will serve you for many years without wearing out. They are crafted from premium wood which is hand polished and naturally finished. These hangers not only look attractive and stylish, but will last for many years to come. In fact, your jeans, suit pants, trousers, and skirts will not outlive these hangers.

Measuring 9.8” x 0.9” x 6.7”, these hangers are slim enough to fit in a standard closet to make your garments organized in a better condition without occupying much space. In addition, they have a 360-degree rotatable swivel hook which is shiny and chrome plated. It provides easy access to your clothes.

Highlighted Features:

  • A full-width cramp to prevent your clothes from creases and wrinkles.
  • Suitable for both pants and skirts.
  • Made of natural material that is strong and durable.
  • The have a space saving design to keep your closet neat and organized.
  • Sturdy swivel hook allows easy access to your clothes and fits in all standard wardrobes.

12. Zober High-Grade Wooden Pant Hangers

How comfortable does it feel to see your closet clean, neat, and organized with naturally made wood hangers?  These high-quality Luxe wood hangers will maintain their pristine value for many years to come. Finished with an extra layer of lacquer, their original appearance and excellence will make your closet stylish and attractive.

They come with a very unswerving non-slip grip thanks to tight clip-mechanism that firmly hold your clothes and prevent them from falling. The tight grip ensures that your garments are secure in place throughout the entire width of the hanger. These hangers are versatile in that they can accommodate jeans, shirts, trousers, towels, maxis, and shorts. It’s time to clear the mess in your dress drawer and closet floor. These hangers can accommodate leggings, pillowcases, socks, and more.

To make them durable and firm, these hangers are hand-crafted with solid wood and also have anti-rust quality chrome metal. Plus they are practical and space saving as they are slim to make your closet more spacious. With a 360-degree rotatable swivel hook, accessing your closet will never be an uphill task. Another good thing with these hangers is that you won’t bother about getting the old hanger fold in the middle of your jeans or trousers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Space saving and practical because they can comfortably fit in any standard closet.
  • Very firm and durable credit to their high-quality wood and anti-rust chrome metal.
  • Versatile as they accommodate various garments including trousers, jeans, leggings, ties, towels, shirts, and more.
  • Convenient non-slip grip to prevent your clothes from falling down.
  • Luxe wood that’s treated with extra lacquer to maintain its original look and enhance the appearance of your wardrobe.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Select Pant Hanger

There are several things you should consider before buying hangers.

Quality and durability

Quality and durability is mainly determined by the material used in their construction. You can purchase the cheap plastic hangers or the more expensive wooden types that will serve the purpose of preserving your clothes. Although metal hangers are more durable, some of them tend to deform when you hang heavy clothes on them.

Clothes to hang

Before you buy hangers, it is important to have in mind the kind of garments you want to hang. If your clothes are slip-prone, go for hangers that come with clips. Ensure the clips don’t subject your clothes to unwanted marks. Most hangers come in packs. Check the pack of your preferred hangers to find out if they will accommodate all your clothes.

Space in your closet

The space in your wardrobe is a major determining factor when it comes to buying hangers. Some hangers tend to occupy a lot of space while they can only accommodate a few clothes. It’s a good idea to go for multi functional hangers that can hold several pair of clothes at the same time. It’s also worth taking up the measurements of your closet to find out the right size of hangers to purchase.

Design and style

You want to buy hangers to clear up the mess in the first place. Is that right? If yes, then you opt to go for hangers that are elegance and attractive. The good news is that there are plenty of hangers that come in different shades and colors to match all the garments in your closet. Just pick the ideal design and style that will make your closet presentable.


How much are you willing to invest on hangers? Buying hangers is a one-time investment if you get the right and durable type. From our pant hanger review, it is evident that you can get a set of hangers at an affordable price. This is mainly determined by material, style, quality, and durability.


If you are the moving kind of person, you may have to travel with your hangers all the time. You opt to go for hangers that you can conveniently stack in your bag or briefcase. In this case, we would recommend the small-sized hangers.

How to Pack Hangers

Packing hangers can be challenging because they tend to tangle and occupy a lot of space. Given that they are a little bulky, you can manage to pack them using some tricks. Rubber bands can get the job done.

Simply arrange a bunch of hangers and loop a rubber band around all their hooks. It’s advisable to wrap under their hypotenuse and loop back a couple of times. Avoid overstretching the rubber bands as it can worsen the packing problems.

If you don’t have lengthy rubber bands, there is no harm in chaining many pieces together until the required length is attained. This can be done by poking one rubber band through the other and feeding the other end of the loop via the poked-through end and pulling. This should appear like the head of a lark’s knot. If you don’t know how to go about it, just fiddle around with a couple of rubber bands and you will get it right.

Once you have a solid pack, you can easily stack them into a bag or box. In case you don’t have enough space, simply stuff small or delicate items between them. They will act as a protective layer around objects that can easily break.

FAQ’s: Frequently ASK Question About Pant hangers?

Q.1- What are the best pant hangers?

The suitability of your hangers of choice depends on factors like the size of your closet and the garments you want to hang. Lightweight hangers that come with a slim construction can suit most wardrobes. To find out the best pant hangers for your closet, look for features like durability, strength, smooth edge finishing, and style. It’s also a good idea to go for hangers that are multipurpose such that they can accommodate different pieces of clothes at the same time. If you want to hang delicate or heavier items, ensure that you pick the right hangers that meet your needs.

Q.2- Why wooden hangers are better?

Wooden hangers are better because they are not only durable but because they hardly deform or get out of shape when you hang heavier clothes on them. Other features that make wooden hangers the better is that they can hardly break, don’t create the unsightly wrinkles or creases on your clothes, and don’t leave marks on your garments. Unlike plastic and metal hangers, wooden hangers enhance elegance to your wardrobe. They contribute to your clothes presentation when you are displaying it to your friends or relatives. They are a symbol that you value the quality of your clothes.

Q.3- What can you do with your plastic hangers?

Beyond tossing your plastic hangers into the trash, they are some creative ways to use them. You can donate them to certain organizations that can utilize them. These include crisis shelters, nursing homes, and group homes. Most dry cleaners will also accept plastic hangers for reuse and some might give a small refund for returning them.

Q.4- How do you dispose off hangers?

Disposing of hangers can be quite tricky. However, dry cleaners are often happy to reclaim your unwanted hangers irrespective of the material they are made of. Some scrap metal dealers will also accept metallic or wire hangers, but don’t expect to be compensated.

Though plastic hangers are cheap to manufacture and buy, they are not environmentally friendly and most of them end up in landfills. They can take up to hundreds of years to breakdown. The best thing you can do with plastic hangers is to donate them to local thrift stores where they can be reused.

Q.5- Can you recycle wire hangers for money?

Though it’s tricky, there are some stores that accept old rusty wire hangers for recycling but not all will compensate you. They usually take them as donations. Some scrap metal dealers will accept wire hangers although at a fraction of the initial cost. For you to get a tangible amount of cash, you will have to bargain with these vendors if you have dozens of pounds of wire hangers.


With the intention of giving your closet a facelift, you are subjected to unlimited choices when hangers come into play. We have done comprehensive research in an attempt to provide you with the best pant hangers you can find in the market. By keeping your hard-earned cash in mind, we have reviewed different sorts of hangers that are available at an affordable price. We are certain about their quality, durability, and strength irrespective of the garments you want to preserve in good shape. Finally, we are very grateful that you took your time with us. We hope to have offered you the best guidance in your closet ventures for your pants.


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