What is the GRID?

The GRID is the core feature of Universe’s website construction software, and it is a gesture-based interface that allows users to construct a website by pinching, dragging, and tapping building blocks.

The Universe 2 upgrade introduces additional features to the Universe app, including expanded customization options for websites, such as stores and product selections, as well as new website designs and a simplified creative control tool.

A new style kit, as well as a new feature set that aims to redefine how users build compositions and create websites on the GRID, were also introduced during this update.

Website builders will be able to stack blocks on top of each other, arrange them in rows, and stack and combine their orders in the app.

“If you wanted to use a computer in 1980, you needed to know how to code.

The advent of graphical user interfaces allowed anyone to use a computer. The Universe GRID is a GUI for creating the internet: now anyone who uses the internet can create it,” said Joseph Cohen, founder, and CEO of Universe.

“The internet is humankind’s greatest invention – a constantly evolving web of our art, ideas, hopes, dreams, fears, and experiences. It has the promise to reflect all of us.”

Diego Poolos, Chief Technology Officer and Product Lead at Universe, agreed with Cohen, stating that this is a step forward for the GRID as a platform.

“We’re introducing and designing these features together to create a seamless platform for expression. Users will be able to build so much more with this new platform and from a technical standpoint, we’re also laying a new foundation for even more platform extensions in the future,” Poolos added.

“It’s been a full team effort to plan, design, and engineer a platform extension that is powerful, remains simple, and is opt-in only for all existing sites. I’ve never been more excited about the future of the GRID.”


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