Your nose has a large network of blood capillaries that make a nose spray an effective way to deliver treatment. Getting an effective mist spray or pump spray for your nose is important for relieving nose blockages due to allergies, flu, and cold. However, the delicate nature of nose treatment which is associated with the direct absorption of substances into your bloodstream calls for caution in the choice of nasal sprays. This is why this guide has settled on the market`s best nasal spray options that will effectively relieve blockage and sinus infections.

5 Best Nasal Spray For Blocked Nose: Editor’s Pick

A nasal spray should be used with a prescription if your sinus symptoms seem to persist beyond 7 days. Salines are not medicated so they can be used at any time.

10 Best Nasal Spray For Blocked Nose Review:

1. Nasacort Nasal Spray

If you want a non-drip mist spray for allergic reactions, Nasacort has one of the best in the market. This is a non-addictive nasal steroid spray for allergic reactions. It takes a short time to work and the effects will last up to 24 hours which makes it effective for both outdoor and indoor allergic reactions. Each bottle has a 16.9ml capacity and can deliver up to 240 sprays. Nasacort is sold in pairs for a longer service with every single purchase. It is designed for use by anyone aged 12 years and above with quick results within a day of use.


This is a non-addictive steroid as compared to most decongestants. It contains 55mg of Triamcinolone Acetone which is one of the best allergy symptom relievers in the market. This ingredient does not cause drowsiness not affect vision. You can use it at any time of the day.


This is a quick reaction nasal spray with a near immediate impact on your symptoms. It can effectively handle hay fever symptoms with dual nostril spray within the first few days. It is also recommended for upper repository allergy symptoms such as sneezing and running nose. It also works well for congestion.

It is not recommended for children aged 2 and below as it has growth retarding effects. It is, however, easier to use than pump sprays and more effective than decongestants as it does not cause addiction.

Highlighted Features:

  • A quick release mist release design which is absorbed quickly
  • Ascent free non-addictive ingredient
  • The ingredients do not have a stinging effect when used
  • The mist does not drip for a clean nose after application
  • The effects last up to 24 hours making a single spray a day every effective

2. Nasalcrom Nasal Allergy Symptom Controller

This is a saline allergy treatment which can be used without a prescription. It does not react with any medication. It is recommended for use 2weeks before exposure to allergy triggers. This is the best nasal spray for seasonal allergies.  One bottle is 26ml which can offer a reliable number of sprays.  It is strictly non-addictive with no drowsiness or stinging effects after use which means you can apply it at any time of the day. once you know when your allergic reactions occur, you can buy it and start medication.


This is a saline which delivers only 1 main ingredient. It contains Cromolyn sodium delivered at 5.2mg per spray which keeps your nose dry after use. The other ingredients are Benzalkonium Chloride and Edetate Disodium both of which are salts for softening hardened mucus linings and preventing the production of histamine to prevent a stuffy nose during allergic reactions.


This nasal spray is mainly designed to prevent the production of histamines from your cells by reducing the reactivity of your cells to harmless substances like pollen. It works best if use is introduced at least 7 days before exposure. The alkaline ingredients also have a mucus softening impact which helps in opening up your nasal cavity if the reaction has occurred.

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients are salts and purified water that can be used alongside other medication.
  • Effective for application alongside other medication
  • The ingredients are nonaddictive which allows you to use continuously for over 14 days
  • 26ml capacity for more sprays per bottle.
  • Enough dosage with a single spray (5.2mg) keeping your nose dry
  • No steroids nor related side effects

3. Xlear Natural Saline Nasal Spray

This is one of the best nasal sprays for congestion you can get on a budget over the counter. It works for the prevention and treatment of allergy and cold symptoms in children and adults from 2 years of age.  It is made of natural ingredients and intended for moisturizing your nose as well as reducing sinus tissue swellings. You will get a burning sensation when you use the spray but the effects are instant making it the best spray for a blocked nose. It is a Saline spray which can be used at any time without side effects.


This nasal spray is totally based on natural ingredients which is one of its greatest selling points. Xylitol is the main active ingredient for its effective reaction as an anti-inflammatory medication. It also reduces swelling of the sinus vessels which is the main causes blockage. Capsicum (the same element that makes pepper taste hot) is the other active ingredient that prevents and suppresses the development of cold and other allergic reactions. Xlear also has Aloe Vera for famous for moisturizing and softening the nasal tissue.


This is a Saline mist spray that doesn’t need a prescription before use. It is designed to deal with all types of allergic reaction symptoms including sinus pressure caused by solid mucus. 3 to 4 sprays a day will keep your nose open with a softened mucus lining. The effects are literally instant because of the strong organic ingredients. The stinging sensation may make children younger than 5 very uncomfortable but it doesn`t last for long. The mist is absorbed effectively with the Aloe Vera keeping your nose moisturized too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Purely natural ingredients
  • Aloe Vera addition for long hours of moisturization
  • Xylitol has effective inflammation treating effects dental inflammation
  • Capsicum has an instant effect on a pressurized sinus
  • No addiction effect with continued use as it does not use steroids
  • A standard price compared to most saline nasal sprays

4. Vicks VapoInhaler Portable Non-Medicated Nasal Inhaler

This is a decongestant from Vicks which are made of a quick reaction mist that clears your nose immediately after spraying. The vapor is scented for an extra comfort feeling when used in a public gathering. It is a set of two inhalers sold in the value pack for longer service. They simply designed to temporarily reduce the symptoms of a cold or other allergic reaction that block your nose. The inhalers are small and can be carried around easily. They are non-medicated so you can use them as many times as you need them.


Camphor and Menthol are the main active ingredients. They are both plant extracts which have can unblock extreme nasal blockages which makes this one of the best nasal decongestant sprays for all year use. It also contains Methyl Salicylate and Siberian Fir for liquidating hardened mucus and moisturizing your internal nose lining. They may cause an increased discharge and sneezing after application but you will have a clear nose in no time.


This is a decongestant designed for temporary symptom relief. It may not treat the condition but it is effective for temporary relief. It can be used by anyone aged 12 or more years. Its ingredients will give a lasting effect for up to 12 hours in certain conditions. Being un-medicated, there is no limit to the number of times you can use. you should stop use if you have persistent symptoms.

Highlighted Features:

  • Menthol is an active ingredient effective for extreme blockages
  • It is small in size for more portability
  • A scented flavor.
  • Sold in pairs for longer service
  • It is not medicated

5. Flonase Sensimist Allergy Relief Nasal Spray

Flonase is one of the best nasal spray brands in the market today. Sensimist in a near non-detectable gentle mist that will open up your nostrils if you have a cold or an allergic reaction. It is the best spray for children aged 12 and above as they will not complain of irritation. It also works well for adults. It introduces a strong unblocking impact from the sinus with a 24hr lasting impact. It has a short nozzle for effective application. The mist is alcohol and scent free.


Sensimist stands out with fluticasone furoate which is a strong allergy-symptom reliever. It is a glucocorticoid used by athletes as it doesn`t build up more muscle in your body like other steroids. It is also useful for an itchy nose and watery eyes which makes it the best nasal spray for cold in 2-year-olds and above.


Flonase Sensimist is designed to relieve itchy nose, watery eyes and other allergy symptoms by acting on most of the causes. It prevents the production of histamine, cytokine as well as 4 other allergy symptom causing substances. For children, a single spray per nostril should work, 2 sprays per nostril are recommended in adults. It1s effects are immediate like most steroid-based nasal sprays and it lasts for up to 24 hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • Prevents production of multiple substances that cause allergy symptoms
  • Short nozzle for quick mist delivery
  • A fine gentle mist for a quick painless absorption
  • Drip-free to prevent spread to the rest of your body
  • Non-scented and alcohol-free

6. The Rhinocort Allergy spray

This is one of the best nasal sprays in the market as it combines functions as a steroid with saline ingredients for an effective decongestion function. It can be used by children aged 6 and above with a single spray per day. It is a steroid based nasal spray that lasts 24 hours with every single dose. It is more effective than regular nasal sprays in handling extreme conditions if you are heavily exposed to pollen or other seasonal allergens.


Budesonide is the most active ingredient in Rhinocort with a perfect sinus pressure relieving ability. It Hinders excessive production of histamine which helps in stopping running and itch nose. The impacts are quite quick.  It also contains Potassium sorbate, disodium edetate, and carboxymethylcellulose sodium which also help perform the functions of all regular Saline nasal sprays without medication. The mist is gentle with a portion of hydrochloric acid which reduces the ph.


Every spray delivers 32mg of budesonide which is enough to handle any congestion without developing an addiction. This dosage is quite harmless to the rest of the body as the spray is virtually drip proof hence you don`t need a prescription to use it. The effects last up to 24hrs making a single dosage effective.  It`s combined Saline ingredients make it the best nasal spray for blocked nose if you have seasonal allergic reactions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Active ingredients deliver results within a day of use
  • Contains Saline components
  • It delivers a fine drip free mist.
  • Standard dose delivery per spray does not require a prescription
  • Prevents the production of excessive mucus
  • The reduced PH alongside other ingredients keep the nose moisturized

7. Ayr Saline Gel Nasal Spray

Aloe Vera is always a welcome ingredient due to the soothing effect when applied inside your nostril and AYR Gel has it in plenty. This is a non-prescription Saline spray that will open up your Sinus in minutes and relieve watery eyes, running nose and itchy nose within a day of use. It is very gentle which makes it the best sinus spray for children. It can be used by children aged 12 or more. You can, however, give a single spray for 2-year-olds and above to relieve the same symptoms. It is very effective with a long nozzle that penetrates deep into the nostril for perfect delivery.


The most attractive ingredient is the Aloe Vera extract. It results in a soothing feeling after application and leaves your nose moisturized. This is very important if you are suffering from cold or sneezing as part of an allergic reaction. It is a saline spray containing sodium chloride, Cetylpyridium Chloride and sodium carboxymethyl starch which are effective in opening p blockages in the nasal cavity. They are not a medication and they don’t require any prescription. The other ingredients include Benzalkonium chloride, Geranium Malculatum Oil and soybean oil.


This is a saline spray the opens up the sinus within a short time of use without causing an addiction. It does not pose any reactivity impacts with most prescription drugs making it one of the best Saline Nasal sprays for blocked nose in the market. The ingredients deliver a gentle dry mist deep into your nose enough to relieve running, itchy and blocked nose with a single spray a day.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contains Aloe Vera and Soybean oil for a dry soothing mist delivery
  • It does not cause addiction
  • A long nozzle for a deep nasal penetration
  • Requires a single spray a day to work
  • It can be used alongside other medication
  • Organic and Salt ingredients do not need a prescription

8. The Alkalol Natural Nasal Wash, Mucus Solvent and Cleaner Kit

This is unlike any common nasal spray. It is a purely organic solution designed to offer relief from allergy symptoms as well as post nasal drip pain such as sneezing and excessive nasal discharge. It is part of the best nasal spray reviews because it offers one of the best mucus softening agents for any type of clog. It is delivered using a cup through the nose or mouth. It works perfectly with warm or saline water with a dosage that matches the level of softness your mucus needs to be dissolved too. It doesn`t require a prescription, it has organic components meant to reduce the production of histamine and open up your sinus.


The mixture comes ready for use with a combination of salts and plant extracts. They include Menthol, thymol, Benzoin and purified water which act as the solvents for easy absorption of the solution through the blood capillaries. This also helps in shrinking swellings inside your sinus among other medical benefits. The salts are potassium chlorate, sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride which dissolve mucus. The other active ingredients that are meant to reduce production of histamine are Wintergreen oil, Spearmint, Pine and Cinnamon extracts.


Alkalol nasal wash is the best nasal drip for a clogged nose. It works on both the symptoms of allergy, cold and flu as well as reducing the impact of using defective nasal sprays that cause rebound congestion. You can apply it depending on the hardness of the mucus and level of clogging ranging from a 20% for very mild cases to 60% for an extreme case then fill up the cup using warm water before taking the medication. It also relieves throat pain.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dose managed depending on the patient`s actual need
  • It corrects the effects of defective nasal medication
  • It does not cause addiction
  • It relieves pain from the nose, mouth, and throat
  • Natural extracts and Salines with no known side effects in standard use

9. The FlutiCare Allergy Relief Nasal pray 

This is a steroid nasal spray with along designed to deliver relief for allergy symptoms for 24 hours. It is best designed for seasonal allergic reactions meaning you can start using about 2 weeks before the pollen or dust season to build up enough histamine resistance that effectively reduces discomfort during exposure. It is best for use in both indoor and outdoor allergens. This10 spray bottle has a long nozzle with an easy deep mist delivery that stops a running nose immediately.


Fluticasone propionate is the main active ingredient delivered at 50mcg per spray. This is enough to keep the symptoms suppressed for 24 hours in children aged 4 years and above and adults.  Adults need 2 sprays per nostril for effective results while children need just one spray.


This is a steroid nasal spray designed to build up resistance to the reaction. The recommended use for seasonal allergic reactions is a two-week head start. This will allow you to handle activities indoors and out door without reacting to pollen, dust, as well as other allergens. It is still effective if the symptoms have already set in as it stops running nose, sinusitis and other symptoms. The effects are almost instant for most symptoms with the deep delivery design. It doesn`t cause drips either which makes it one of the best sinus sprays.

Highlighted Features:

  • A long nozzle to deliver the mist high up in the nostrils for effective absorption
  • A single dose a day is effective for relief at 50mcg of fluticasone per spray.
  • Suitable for children aged 4 and above
  • Quick action with effects felt on the first day of use
  • Designed to be used for both seasonal and perennial allergies without prescription

10. Simply Saline Adult Nasal Mist

This is probably the most famous OTC saline nose spray in the market. It is a combination of the common saline ingredients that ease congestion in the nose by dissolving the mucus. A single spray in each nostril allows you to breathe easily when you sleep. Its biggest selling point is the eucalyptus flavor that helps this saline keep your nostrils open the whole night. It is one of the best nasal sprays for a cold or other reaction that cause similar symptoms.


Simply saline contains regular salts including sodium chloride like other Salines. They are effective for dissolving mucus and opening up the most extreme cases of a clogged nose. Eucalyptus is also another ingredient that inhibits reproduction of histamine keeping your nostrils open for a long time.


This Saline is best applied at night before sleeping. Cold tends to cause a blockage effect on the sinus when you sleep which makes it hard to breathe and this Saline spray does exactly that. It is not scented and it has no steroids. It can be used at any time of the day alongside prescription medicine. Its effects are long-lasting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-medicated for unlimited dosage
  • Delivers a quick drying effect on running nose
  • Contains eucalyptus for long-lasting effects
  • It has no addiction effect
  • A short nozzle allows safe delivery in both adults and children
  • 4.6 Ounces contains enough sprays at a pocket-friendly price

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Nasal Spray

A nasal spray is a critical purchase that must fit your health and safety needs perfectly. This guide has discussed the best nasal spray reviews in the market. However, before you make a payment for your nasal spray, there are many factors you have to consider.

The nature of your Symptoms

Nasal sprays are designed to relieve the impact of symptoms and not treat. If you have temporary symptoms caused by pollen or pet tinder, a decongestant is the best options. They are designed to relieve your symptoms within a week of use before stopping use.  Long-term symptoms are treated with steroids while antihistamine is best used in advance. They build up enough resistance before the symptoms appear making them a great alternative to decongestants. Salines, on the other hand, is a more casual form of treatment as they simply contain salts to handle any symptoms as they occur. Their effects do not last long, you have to use them frequently.

How long you intend to continue medication

If you intend to get prescription medication after some time for the symptoms, Salines or decongestants are recommended. The period of use is also very significant if you are buying it for young children. Steroids have a growth retarding impact on children and as a result, you should use them in limited doses for no more than 5 days. Decongestants and some steroids are famous for creating addiction, your doctor may advise against using for a long time.

Reaction with your current medication

If you have had a surgery, a nose injury as well as other recent medication on your nose recently, using a nasal spray will definitely be off the table for you. However, you should check for ingredients and their reaction with aspirin and any other medication you are currently using. Pregnant women are strictly required to seek medical advice before using steroids and decongestants. Saline

Effective delivery

This affects pump sprays mostly. If not delivered deep into your nostril, it will flow back leading to dose reduction. You have to ensure it has a long nozzle to deliver effectively. If you have one blocked nostril, Salines are always recommended as they dissolve mucus to open up the pathway to breathing.  Mist sprays are also good for a non-drip spray which gives the most effective dose delivery.

Side effects

Active ingredients including steroids can cause hardening of your sinus as they cause the development of muscles. You also have to check for addiction which is a regular side effect from steroids.  Decongestants if used for longer than required will result in recurrence of the symptoms as they do not shrink blood vessels permanently.

A sharp sting after the application is normal for some nasal sprays, however, if you intend to use the spray for young children, a gentle mist is a better option. Some steroids may also induce sneezing or increased discharge making them best for use before or after going to public gatherings. Drowsiness is also another effect you have to watch out for if you intend to work after spraying.

Types of Nasal sprays

A. Steroids

These are the most used kind of nasal sprays which are highly active mists. They strengthen sinus tissue to combat the allergic reaction with mast cells reducing your discharge and nasal inflammation. If you have regular allergic symptoms, flu, and fever, they can be a great solution for long-term relief. They are quite effective with the brands in this guide including Nasacort and Flonase able to relieve symptoms within a day of use. Antihistamines simply stop the cells from reacting with allergy-causing agents, Steroids, on the other hand, build up a long-term defense. They are the best option for persistent symptoms. You can comfortably use them even if the symptoms are already visible. They prevent running and itchy nose.

B. Decongestants

Decongestants are a perfect choice of nasal spray for unpredictable allergic reactions. If you are having your first allergic reaction or a recurrence after using other medicines to stop the symptoms, a decongestant used for 2 days can work wonders. They open up your sinus and relieve pain temporarily. You have to stop use immediately the symptoms stop. Prolonged use of decongestants causes rebound congestion.

C. Antihistamines

If you are sure of the period of occurrence of temporary allergic reactions or cold, this is your first choice. These are a preventive kind of nasal spray that may require a prescription. They are one of the best nasal sprays if use is induced prior to exposure. You should, however, stop use if they do not stop the production of excessive discharge, sneezing, blocked air passage, itchy nose, and other symptoms. They are a good precaution to use before weather change or relocation to an allergen-dense location. 1 to 2 weeks use before exposure should provide enough resistance but you need to stop use after the 2 weeks.

D. Saline Sprays

This is a non-medicated salt solution with no dosage or prescription needed. They do not react with any medication and they can be used by children as young as 2 as compared to other nasal sprays. They have a near-immediate impact on the blocked nose. Salines has been recently improved to contain many organic ingredients that increase the lifespan effects.

How to Use a Nasal Spray

The main concern when using a nasal spray is avoiding its flow into your throat. You have to tilt your head and aim deep enough for effective absorption through the permeable Sinus lining. These are the steps that you will follow.

  1. Gently blow your nose one nostril at a time to clear air passages for effective delivery of the mist.
  2. Shake the bottle gently, you may have to test spray 1 or 2 times if it is a pump spray before you get a fine mist released.
  3. Tilt your head forward then breathe in slowly
  4. Aim directly for your upper nose then spray into your nose.
  5. Repeat the action for the other nostril and breathe in slowly. Don`t snort, sneeze nor blow your nose if possible.
  6. If you are doing 2 sprays per nostril, repeat the procedure immediately, don`t give in because of the sting, it takes a few seconds.
  7. Wipe your nose clean the safely close the bottle when done. You have to wash the bottle at least once a week.

Side Effects of Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays relieve pain and make breathing easier by using chemical ingredients. The active ingredients may not necessarily be safe. If you have any extreme reactions to the ingredients of a nasal spray, seek medical attention immediately. Here is a look at the most common side effects of using nasal sprays.

  1. Slowed growth in children. Avoid using steroids and decongestants on children below 12 years.
  2. Rebound congestion is the most regular side effect associated with decongestants
  3. Addiction is common with steroids.
  4. A stinging pain after application and sometimes prolonged inflammation of the sinus.
  5. Sometimes, they cause drowsiness and dizziness which make it hard to work and drive after use.
  6. Seizures and increased heart rate may occur in extreme cases of reaction.
  7. Nosebleeds especially first-time users. You should stop use for a few days if the bleeding is not severe.
  8. Increased discharge from the nose. It some cases it gets worse and you have to seek other medication.
  9. Muscle build up if you use steroids which is the main reason why they are not allowed for use by athletes.
  10. Reaction with conventional medication. Check the directions for specific medications that may react with the ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nasal Spray:

Which is the best nasal spray I can use?

  • The nasal spray safe for any time use is a saline spray. It is effective in clearing your air passages within a short time. Salines have no reaction with other medication and if medicated with organic ingredients, they can deliver a long-lasting prevention. However, steroids are good for perennial allergic reactions. They are very effective if used as per the directions and they deliver results that last longer than Salines. Seasonal use of decongestants and antihistamines also works but not on a perennial reliance.

How do I know if I should use a nasal spray?

  • If you have a cold or flu, going without treatment of relying on pills will deliver a slow treatment. Nasal sprays deliver a better solution in both the immediate and long-term relief. Allergic reactions whether temporary or perennial are best treated by medicated nasal sprays. You should get one if you know the seasons that bring along the symptoms.

Can I become addicted to a nasal spray?

  • Absolutely. After continued use of one kind of nasal spray especially steroids, your body may develop a dependence. You should always ask your doctor for advice if you feel like you are developing a dependence on any drug. The effect is reversible with the right medication. You must stick to using a nasal spray as long as the symptoms last if they are prolonged beyond two weeks of use, stop the spray and get alternative medication. Once the symptoms subside, reduce to one spray or stop using totally to reduce the chances of developing an addiction.

Are there natural alternatives I can use?

  • You may use pills Recommended by a doctor as an alternative. They are also effective but you need a prescription. The other alternatives are oral antihistamines, decongestants, and steroids. These are an option if your nostrils experience extreme blockages. Nasal sprays are still more effective in delivering immediate effects.

Can I use Nasal Sprays alongside other medication?

  • You have to check with your doctor before using any nasal spray alongside your medication. Saline sprays are recommended for temporary relief. However, if you have frequent nosebleeds, a recent nose surgery or any other open wound treatment on your nose, a nasal spray is not an option unless your doctor agrees.

How long does it take for a nasal spray to work effectively?

  • Unblocking your air passages will happen within a few hours with all the nasal spray reviews in this guide. However, it takes 3 days for decongestants to fully take control of your symptoms. Steroids and bring effective results within a week or 2 of us but you can continue using until all the symptoms are managed. Salines are temporary relief medication and you can use them as long as the symptoms last.

Can I swap one nasal spray for another?

  • Absolutely. If an active ingredient nasal spray is not working for your, you can get a better nasal spray from the guide and restart medication. A correction medication such as Alkalol is a great option for correcting rebound congestion.

Do nasal sprays require a prescription?

  • Most Nasal Sprays are sold off the counter and they do not need any prescription. If your doctor advises otherwise, you can rely on the prescription. Salines is the best non-prescription nasal sprays.

Final Verdict

Allergy symptoms are a major hindrance to productivity. They cause breathing problems. Discomfort from running, itchy and blocked nose as well as watery eyes. This makes both your public and private lifestyle very difficult. Getting the best nose spray that can manage all these symptoms without causing secondary harm to you or any member of the family is a primary priority. The reviews in this guide are researched to provide the necessary relief for any of these symptoms to keep the whole family safe from indoor and outdoor allergens and infections. You may need to know cough drops.


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