Coughing is one of the most complicated symptoms of a disease as it may be caused by a bigger infection or it may result from minor bronchial irritation. Wet coughs are a way of the body treating itself by pushing dust, pollen, and other pollutants out of your air passages to help you breathe easier. The best cough drops for a wet cough should help you get the mucus out of your windpipe with a simple cough.

Top 5 Best Cough Drops For Sore Throat: Editor’s Pick

Dry coughs, on the other hand, are caused by extreme irritation from smoke, dust, or bacterial infection of the trachea and bronchi. They are the most painful types of cough as they can hurt your lungs, ribs, throat, and many other parts of the body which makes a sweet soothing effect an important part of the best cough drops for a dry cough. This guide combines the best options in the market to relieve both types of cough.

10 Best Cough Drops For Sore Throat Review:

1. Ambrosoli Honees Menthol Eucalyptus Cough Drops

This is one of the best menthol lozenge options in the market for both dry and wet cough. It is sweet despite the menthol and eucalyptus flavors. This makes it suitable for 5-year-olds and above. It is suitable for temporary persistent coughing, a sore throat and a cold which causes blockage of your air passages making breathing difficult. It is not designed for an asthmatic and smoking-related cough. You can use it without a prescription for the first 5 days but if a cough persists or escalates new symptoms like a rash, vomiting, fever or severe headaches, you have to seek a doctor`s advice.

Like most cough drops, Ambrosoli Honees contains honey which has an antibacterial impact as well as a soothing effect for a sore throat and mouth caused by a dry cough. Menthol is active at 8 mcg per drop for both cough and cold symptom suppression. The other ingredients are eucalyptus, Licorice, sugar, and corn syrup.


Each package contains 216 cough drops. With the strong active ingredients, a scratchy throat and cough will be alleviated almost immediately. Continued use relieves the fading symptoms slowly until the cough has fully subsided. It`s honey and sugar flavor make it one of the best cough drops for sore throat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contains a sum of 216 cough drops
  • Suitable for children from age 5 and adults
  • Honey and Eucalyptus flavors for long-lasting soothing impacts
  • Relieves a sore throat from both cough and cold.
  • All The ingredients are natural

2. The Halls Honey and Lemon Cough Drops Sugar-Free Value Pack

Halls is one of the world`s biggest manufacturer for OTC cough drops. They manufacture some of the best cough drops for any kind of cough or cold with this pack designed to manage the effects of any dry cough. This sugar-free pack contains 180 cough drops. Halls designed this for a scratchy throat and cough for diabetic patients and those on a carb-free diet. The ingredients are synthetic with a perfectly designed concentration to offer a soothing feeling for a sore throat.

Unlike other Cough drops, Halls sugar-free components are synthetic eliminating carb content without interfering with the taste and the soothing effect. It contains Beta-carotene, Glucose Syrup, Cottonseed oil, and Soy Lecithin for a Quick soothing action. The other ingredients include flavors, sucrose, and water for a cooling effect on your throat and air passages.


The ingredients are synthetic which means the actual concentration is perfectly measured for a perfect dosage. This allows the Cough drops to act within 10 seconds of ingestion making them the best cough drops for diabetics. The soothing impact also lasts longer than natural ingredient cough drops easing cough for long. I80 cough drops are enough to alleviate cough, if symptoms persist, contact a doctor for medical advice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Synthetic ingredients
  • Quick action within 10 seconds of ingestion
  • A long soothing effect on a sore throat
  • It is sugar-free
  • Contains 180 Cough Drops
  • Has lemon and honey taste suitable for 5-year-olds and older.

3. Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Throat Drops

This one of the best coughs drops in the market with many years on the shelves but still contains the powerful anesthetic components for a sore throat and cough. The Luden pack is resealable making this the best cough drops to carry around with you in public. The packs have a great price with each pack containing 30 drops. The 5-pack package is the most recommended to give you 150 doses but you can buy less or more packs depending on the level of cough and your budget.

Like most cough drops, this pack contains honey and Licorice instead of lemon for a cooling soothing impact upon intake. It also contains Menthol as an anesthetic to a scratchy throat. The other ingredients Include Corn Syrup, Sucrose, glycerin, soybean oil, and sodium acetate.


The cough drops have a sweet taste because of the sugar and honey flavors. They are able to cool a sore throat within seconds of intake. Menthol is also active at 1.6mcg per drop as an effective anesthetic for the hardest coughs making this one of the best sore throat remedies for both adults and children. They can however not be used by children less than5 years of age.

Highlighted Features:

  • A resealable pack for safety and portability.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • 1.6mcg of menthol per drop for sore throat relief.
  • Sold in small packs for budget and dosage comfort.
  • Suitable for both dry and wet cough.

4. Halls Tropical Fruit Cough Drops

Vitamin C is one of the ingredients that make cough drops more effective which is the selling point of the Halls tropical cough drops. These are probably the sweetest cough drops you will find. The pack gas 12 bags with 30 cough drops allowing you to pick as many times as you need it. The fruit flavors are available for a large range of fruits for your choice. Unlike the Halls Sugar-free, these cough drops are extra sweetened and loved by both children and adults. They are also recommended for children aged 5 years and above. This is your best medicine for a dry cough and itchy throat especially if you tend to have a long one. They have nonmedicated ingredients so you don`t need a prescription unless recommended by the doctor.

Menthol is the main active ingredient with 3.2mcg per drop for anesthetic.  Soy Lecithin and glucose syrup give the flavor to the Oral anesthetic. It also contains Eucalyptus oil, Potassium Citrate. These cough drops have a mixture of sweeteners and suppressants meant to act in under 1 minute of use making it one of the best cough syrups for adults and children.


The syrup’s active ingredients take less than a minute to suppress allergy symptoms including a sore throat, dry cough, and chest cough. You get your favorite fruit flavor with every pack which makes it suitable for children above 5 as well. Menthol elongates the impact of the drops but you can always take an extra drop as each package contains 12 packs with a total of 360 drops.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in Different fruit flavor with 60mg of Vitamin C per drop
  • Resealable packs for safekeeping before reuse.
  • Instant action on a scratchy throat and cough
  • No prescription needed
  • Contains 360 drops

5. All-Natural Silver Lozenges-Wild Cherry

If you need a sweet dietary supplement with a sufficient serving of silver for immunity, this is your best choice. 4 drops a day will keep your mouth dry, throat soothed as well as reduce coughing. They Are packaged in a classy metallic casing to be carried easily wherever you go. You can buy them when the cold and flu season approaches or simply use them all year long. They have a sweet cherry taste that passes them as candies but they are cough suppressants as well as immune boosters suitable for both children and adults. All the ingredients are natural with a 30ppm serving 0f 99.99% pure silver in every drop.

They are simple natural ingredients. The silver supplement is the greatest selling point that makes up for what you miss in your regular diet. The other ingredients are Organic cane sugar for sweetening, Organic rice syrup and citric acid for cooling and soothing. The wild cherry flavor makes it sweet making this one of the best sore throat remedies.


Citric acid is found in lemons and oranges and necessary for the breeze in your mouth and throat which reduces the impact of a painful dry cough. The dosage is 4 drops per day, with natural ingredients and a sweetened taste, there is no danger of side effects. They are suitable for all year use with no prescription required.

Highlighted Features:

  • They have a sweet wild Cherry flavor
  • Sold in an airtight metal casing
  • Each drop contains 30ppms of pure silver
  • They are effective in keeping the mouth dry.
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Suitable for perennial allergic symptoms with no prescription required

6. The Halls 20 Stick Honey Lemon Cough Drop Pack with Menthol

Halls has the best honey cough drops in the market. This pack has 20 sticks which are easy and clean to suck on. Each stick has 20 cough drops meaning you retain your 180 cough drops just like the other Halls cough drops except for the strengthener soothing action that makes this one of the best cough drops for a sore throat. Its ingredients are more active delivering an immediate soothing effect for a sore throat as well as a longer-lasting soothing.

As compared to 3mg per drop contained it the other Halls cough drops, this cough drop has 9.1mg of menthol per drop. This is way more active giving a quick and long-lasting impact. One drop can suppress a cough as well as a scratchy throat for up to 12 hours. It also contains honey and glucose syrup for sweetening which makes it suitable for 5-year-olds and above. It also has Soy Lecinith, water, and eucalyptus oil.


Triple Menthol dosage in every drop makes this cough drops immediate cough suppressants. The effect is instant and lasts longer despite the sweet taste. The sticks are also easier to suck at and way cleaner allowing you to take up every drop from the package. You will hardly need all 180 drops for the symptoms to subside. The lemon and honey flavor contained in all Halls cough drops gives them a sweet natural taste.

Highlighted Features:

  • They contain 9.1 mg of Menthol per drop
  • Long-lasting cough suppression
  • Long stick design containing 20 drops each
  • The packs are resealable.
  • They have a sweet natural honey-lemon taste

7. Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops

If your 3 year loves gummy candy, this is the cough drop to give them. It is soft and chewy but you need to dissolve it slowly on your tongue. Ask a doctor if your symptoms persist for more than 2 days of use. The natural honey flavor cools your throat from the most severe dry coughs bringing a long-lasting soothing feeling. Each pack has 32 drops of one of the best cough drops for a dry cough. The soft drop flavor is the greatest attraction that makes this a great cough drop for first-timers.

The synthetic soft drop flavor comes from 65mg of glycerin for a cool breeze as you take each drop. It contains a honey flavor to give a sweet natural taste.


This is one of the best cough syrups for adults and children aged three or more. It doesn`t require a prescription.  It has a strong cooling impact on a sore throat achieved by the fine nature of the syrup which spreads evenly. Three drops a day is the recommended dose, however, adults can use up to 4 a day. Children under 3 should not be given this cough drop unless the doctor agrees.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a sweet natural honey taste
  • Doesn’t have chemical preservatives
  • It has glycerin for a soft drop flavor which gives a cooling effect when swallowed.
  • Each pack contains 32 drops
  • Effects last up to 24 hours with a single daily dosage.

8. Halls Breezers Cool Berry Throat Drops

If you need a cough drop pack for the whole family, the Breezers pack is a great choice. With 300 drops from the 12 25-drop packs are enough to take everyone in the family through the allergy season. They are only suitable for 5-year-olds an above. They are the only non-mentholated cough drops from menthol which will work perfectly alongside your regular allergy medication. They have a sweet berry taste that will pass for berry flavored candies making them one of the best sore throat remedies for the young ones. It Is still suitable for a person on a Carb free dirt with a regulated 3.5g of carbohydrates per drop. This is way lower than most flavored cough drops in the market.

This is one of the few menthol-free cough drops in the market which still retains a great sore throat anesthetic impact. For oral soothing with a cooling impact, Breezers uses Pectin as the most active ingredient. It is has a 7mg concentration in each drop which is very active for immediate impact.  It also contains cottonseed oil, Glucose syrup, water, and titanium dioxide.


This is a whole family service pack suitable for almost anyone in the home. It works well alongside allergy medication and carb-free diet for both seasonal and perennial allergic reactions.  The natural red berry taste makes it suitable for both children and adults. The pack has Pectin instead of menthol which still offers a soothing effect on the throat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Doesn`t contain menthol and honey.
  • Uses pectin for both oral and throat soothing
  • Can be used alongside allergy medication
  • It has a natural red berry taste
  • Comes in a resealable pack
  • Each pack contains 25 cough drops

9. Fisherman’s Friend Original Extra Strong Cough Suppressant Lozenges

This is probably the Oldest Lozenge brands in the market with one of the best ratings for perennial use in allergy symptom relief and cough suppression.  It uses a strong menthol portion for mouth and throat anesthetic function and soothing. Its effect will last the whole night if you suck on two drops. The biggest selling point is the small size with extra hardening that allows you to suck on them for long.  The pack is sufficient for a long dose sold 12 packs with each containing 40 pieces. If you use allergy drops or sprays, This Lozenges can be used as supplements for antihistamine production making it one of the best home remedies for cough and cold.

Immediate action from menthol lozenges is a direct reflection of the menthol concentration per drop and Fisherman`s friend has 10mg per drop. This is a high concentration, nearly as much as some of the best cough syrups for adults. They help induce a quick relief to most irritations in your mouth and throat. It also has Capsicum which aids the quick soothing effect. It has glucose syrup for sweetening making it suitable even for children as young as 3.


These are lozenges designed to relive more than just a cough. They add up as antihistamine boosters allowing you to use them alongside allergy medication. With a large number of drops in the resealable pack, you can use them all year long for relief and a good taste. The natural ingredients also add up to the desired flavor.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10 mg of menthol per drop
  • Small in size but extra hardened for longer hours of sucking
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • 40 cough drops offered in a resealable pack
  • Prevents histamine production
  • Can be used alongside allergic reaction medication

10. Ricola The Original Natural Herb Cough Drops

Ricola is one of the few brands that the best cough drops review can`t miss due to the collection of the best natural ingredients for dry and wet cough.  They come in attractive yellow resealable packs that young children always enjoy carrying around.  Ricola has been made from mint and lemon flavors for years with extracts from over 10 herbs. They are suitable for 6 years and above of age. The effects last longer with a clean breath and a dry mouth. It doesn`t use menthol-like most common cough drops. Ricola uses mint, wild lime, and lemon to induce the relief for a scratchy throat and cough.

Mint and lemon are the most active combination of cough suppressants. Lemon adds up as an anesthetic for extremely sored parts of the throat. It also contains glucose syrup for sweetening. The other natural ingredients include Lidden flower extract, sage, thyme, and mallow.


The natural ingredients mean Ricola cough drops are safe and they have a low chance of reacting with other medications. The ingredients suppress allergy symptoms including dry and wet cough. Each pack contains 130 cough drops which can last through the season. Natural ingredients also have a longer and better soothing effect as compared to synthetic ones.

Highlighted Features:

  • All-natural ingredients
  • 130 Cough Drops per pack
  • Doesn`t contain honey and menthol
  • It has a lemon and mint taste
  • Suitable for dry and wet cough
  • It has Immediate and long-lasting impacts

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Cough Drops

Before you pay for any cough drop, you have to be sure it has the ability to suppress your cough. While treating is not the main role of the cough drops, the quality of suppression on the cough is the determinant of the best cough drops for a dry cough. A wet cough only needs a cough drop that allows you to cough softly pushing the mucus out to make a cough more beneficial. Salty ingredients in the cough drop or menthol serve this purpose effectively.

The ingredients are the main determinants of success and the safety of cough drops. The nature of your cough will be the main determinant of the ingredients you choose. The cough drops discussed in this guide will suppress cough in a short time but before you pay for any brand, you have to consider these factors.


Zinc, Silver, and Vitamin C are the most popular components of medicated cough drops. If they contain antihistamines or any kind of painkillers, they will definitely need medical advice before you can use them alongside other medication. Common menthol-based cough drops do not need any prescription despite the anesthetic properties of menthol.  If your cough is triggered by asthma, TB or any other infection different from irritation and allergic reaction, you cannot use cough drops for treatment. You need prescription medication.

The types of cough you intend to treat

Dry coughs are the most common reasons for buying cough drops. They are caused by bronchial irritation that results in hard strong coughing which may lead to vomiting. They get painful to the chest, ribs, and throat. These kinds of cough will be effectively relieved by menthol, lemon or other strong ingredients included in the cough drops mentioned in the guide. A wet cough is medically beneficial as it helps the body get the irritants outside your air passages. Saline ingredients make them soft on your chest cavity and dissolve the mucus to be pushed easily out of your chest. An antihistamine cough drops also work well for a soft cough.

Suitability for children

If you are buying cough drops for children, you have to be keen on flavors and size. While all cough drops serve the same purpose, the effect highly depends on how long the effects can last. If you chew at the drops, the effect will not last, children tend to be tempted into chewing. As a result, hard lozenges tend to be the best for young children. Menthol is also very strong and most children will shy away from it. Sugar flavored cough drops and fruit flavors attract young users more.

Number of drops

Cough drops are meant to suppress symptoms temporarily, despite the fact that they are not candy a sore throat may need more than 3 drops a day for the best impact. This means the more the better for you unless they are medicated for which you will use the doctor`s prescribed dose.

Long-lasting Impact

High concentration may cause an overdose for medicated cough drops. However, the best cough drops for a sore throat or any other home remedies for cough and cold needs to last at least 6 hours. If you use two drops at a time for the day and the symptom seem to recur frequently than expected, a visit to the doctor may be necessary. Using too many drops may result in an overdose of the active ingredients which does more harm than good.

Different Types of Cough Drops

Cough drops are classified into 4 main categories based on what they contain and what they can do. This classification is a guide on narrowing down to your specific taste and symptoms which allows you to treat cough your own way.

A. Medicated vs non-medicated Cough drops

Non-medicated cough drops are the best cough drops for casual use. You can keep them as part of your stock home and office remedies for cough, cold, and allergy symptoms. They do not react with medication and they tend to have a strong cough suppressing impact. Medicated cough drops mostly add up as immune boosters with iron, zinc and silver supplements. They provide the diet requirements your regular diet may fail to provide but you have to check for an allergic reaction to any medication you may be using.

B. Natural vs Synthetic cough drops

Natural ingredients will give you a long-lasting fresh breath as well as a natural sweet soothing impact. Despite the general preference for natural ingredients, most cough drops use plant extracts to provide relief. Synthetic extracts may have a higher concentration of the extract which tends to provide a faster impact in cough suppression.

C. Flavored vs plain cough drops

The flavor is more of style than medication as the concentration is rarely enough to give any medical risk. If you are buying cough drops for someone else, plain cough drops may be more appreciated. Fruit flavors such as lemon, berries, and orange are preferable to most people as they make cough drops friendlier. Fruit flavors such as lemon extend the soothing impact of cough drops if the concentration is high enough. They are also attractive to children as they offer a better option to the bad taste of pills for most children.

D. Sugar-free vs sweetened cough drops

If you are diabetic or on a keto diet, glucose syrup which is an ingredient in most cough drop may be a problematic addition to your bloodstream. Many brands now have sugar free cough drops including the Halls sugar free cough drops. They still come with various flavors as you may prefer allowing you to manage cough your own way.

How do Cough Drops Work?

Before using cough drops, here is a look at how they actually act as the best remedies for cough, cold and a scratchy throat.

A Dry Cough

Dust, pollen, smoke, and other irritants trigger strong coughing as the body attempts to clear your bronchi and trachea off the unwanted pollutants. This can be a very painful process especially if the particles are small in size as they are more scattered all the way into the lungs. The strong force used to release the particles causes the scratchy throat with effects spreading all the way into your mouth.

Menthol does not just cool the sore spots through your air passages, it also cools the sore spots and acts as an anesthetic. This reduces the pain associated with a strong cough. Other cough drops have quick soothing ingredients that may work faster than menthol offering both relief and a long-lasting soothing impact. They do not treat any symptoms, they simply offer temporary relief for the symptoms.

A chest Cough

As much as it may be irritating especially in public, this kind of cough rarely needs any medication. Expectorants are the main type of medication used to thin mucus for this kind of cough. It is a self-treatment mechanism where the body attempts to clear the lungs and air passages of the pollutants that are caught up in the mucus. The impact of the cough drop, in this case, is to simply make the mucus soft and easy to release. Saline ingredients come in handy as they soften mucus which is mostly protein in nature allowing the soft mucus to collect more irritants. You can then cough more softly and less frequently with more benefits to your body.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cough Drops:

Q-1: Are Cough Drops safe?

  • Cough drops are one of the safest cough suppression medication with little or no side effects as compared to some of the best cough syrups for adults and children. Excessive medication does more harm than good. If you have temporary cough episodes, a cough drop should suppress the symptoms within less than a week of use. You need to seek medical advice before using medicated cough drops and any medication especially for children younger than 5.

Q-2: Which are the best cough drops?

  • All the cough drops in this guide are well suited for suppressing cough with some acting as antihistamines and other allergic reaction medication. However, natural ingredient cough drops are still the best choice for safely relieving dry cough.

Q-3: Are cough drops better than other cough medications?

  • Cough medications will be either single-ingredient suppressants or expectorants or both. For temporary cough relief, most cough drops contain both types of ingredients. This provides relief for all kinds of coughs. Some cough drops also add up as dietary supplements with zinc and silver which makes them a great immune booster.

Q-4: How long should I use cough drops?

  • OTC medication should never be used on persistent symptoms. A cough may be a symptom of a worse underlying infection and as a result, you should never use them for more than one week. If the cough is not caused by another infection in the body, the effects should subside within a day or 2. Any extended coughs should be taken to the doctor for further examination.

Q-5: Can cough drops be used by children?

  • Most cough drops will give you directions on the dosage for children aged 5 and above. The are other brands of cough syrup for children. If recommended a doctor, you can still use cough drops for children but it is not recommended.

Final Verdict

Coughs are very unpredictable especially during the spring and summer when dust and pollen flow both indoors and outdoors. Your regular antihistamines may act well to reduce nasal discharge and the reaction of your body to allergens but when they make their way into your air passages, coughs may be hard to escape. As part of your home medication stockpile, the best cough drops discussed in this guide will act as medicine for dry cough and itchy throat for the whole family. It is always safe to have a pack with you at home or in the office for that unpredictable moment.


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