Google has introduced a fantastic new feature to help guitarists keep their instruments in tune more easily and quickly.

The chromatic tuning capability is actually built right into Google Search, allowing you to use it on any device, including your smartphone or PC – simply search for “Google tuner”).

Any device with a microphone can pick up the sound of your guitar string being plucked, as long as it has one.

Google has a meter that displays whether you need to tune up or down when the string is played and informs you when the proper note has been struck.

Users appear to be satisfied with the system’s performance, at least for basic tuning needs.

However, keep in mind that any findings will be greatly influenced by the quality of the microphone used; don’t expect much from an old laptop with a bad little microphone or a low-budget phone, for example.

It’s simple to use and highly useful.

There are many guitar tuning apps on the market, but this one may stand out due to its unique features. This development was discovered, and there are already a lot of options for guitar tuning applications.

Some of the most popular ones, however, might be filled with undesirable elements in terms of monetization, such as advertisements or upselling attempts, and may have poor user experiences (or both).

If you’re searching for a more comprehensive tuning program, Fender Tune, GuitarTuna, and the Peterson iStroboSoft Tuner are commonly suggested choices (on iOS, at least; the Android version lacks some features and may be a little flakier going by reviews).


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