Nyerere Against Islam in Zanzibar and Tanganyika

"Without any question, the manner and the implications of the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar is the most misunderstood aspect of Tanzania's political development. It may not matter very much when foreigners get confused, but unfortunately there are many times when Tanzanians themselves appear to misunderstand it."

Former Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere. -  Dar es Salaam Government Printer, July 1970. p. 3.
When the former Tanzanian President Julius Kambarage Nyerere made the above address to his National Assembly that "the union between Zanzibar and Tanganyika is the most misunderstood aspects of Tanzanian's political development" proved that he is the only Tanzanian who knows "the manner and the implications of the union" after British colonialism in East Africa.

During the British colonialism, Zanzibar was the only intellectual center for Islamization of East African countries under the Zanzibar Sultanate. The Gofu and the Barza Mosques allowed students from the East African countries for the Islamic education. The Zanzibar Muslim Academy also offered the greatest hope for the vibrancy of Islam in East Africa. Nyerere, a devout Catholic saw that the Islamic Zanzibar state, a threat to Christianity. He masterminded a clandestine movement for the so called Zanzibar Revolution under the leadership of John Okello, a radical Christian from Uganda. It was not only a prelude to the…

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