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Honoraries and Award

As a result of his good work, different institutions and universities honored Mwalimu Nyerere to mark his contributions to Tanzania, Africa, developing countries and the entire world.

Honorary Degrees and Awards

He received honorary degrees from the following:
1. University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

2. University of Dugueshe (United States of America)

3. Cairo University (Egypt)

4. University of Nsukka (Nigeria)

5. University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

6. University of Monrovia (Liberia)

7. Toronto University (Canada)

8. Havard University (United States of America)

9. Howard University (United States of America)

10. Ljubliana (Yugoslavia) - Honorary Doctoral of Law (26 March 1985)

11. Pyongyang University (Korea) - Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy (28th March 1985)

12. National University of Lesotho (Lesotho)

13. The State House Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) - Honorary Degree for Diplomacy (20th Sept, 1985)

14. Havana University of Cuba (Cuba) - Honorary Degree of Doctor Of Philosophy (30th Sept 1985)

15. University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) - Honorary Degree of Literature Honoris Causa (13th Sept 1986)

16. Universities of Philippines (Philippines) - Honorary Doctorate of Humanities (12th July 1991)

17. Manila (Philippines) - Honorary Doctor Degree (12th October 1992)

18. Makerere University Kampala (Uganda) - Honorary Doctor of Laws (29th January 1993)

19. Open University of Tanzania (Tanzania) - Doctor of Letters Honoris Causa (15th March 1997)

20. Claremont University Centre (United States of America) - Doctor of Laws for Claremont graduate School California (17th May 1997)

21. Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania) - Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa (28th November 1997)

22. University of Fort Hare (South Africa) - Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa (23rd April 1998)

23. Lincoln University (United States of America) - Honorary Degree of Laws (5th May 1998)

Awards / Prices

1. Yogoslavia - Memorial Plaque of the City of Belgrade (15th October 1969)

2. Guyana - Freedom of the City of Georgetown (11th September 1974)

3. Havana, Cuba - Order of Jose Marti (21st September 1974)

4. Mexico - The Great Collar of the Aztec Eagle (24th April 1975)

5. India - Nehru Award for International Understanding (17th January 1976)

6. Guinea Bissau - Medal of Amilcar Cabral (19th September 1976)

7. Brussels - The Dag Hammarskjold Price for Universal Merit

8. New Delhi, India - Third World Prize (22nd February 1982)

9. Maputo, Mozambique - Eduardo Mondlane Medal (7th September 1983)

10. Geneva - Nansen Medal for Services to the Cause of Refugees (3rd October 1983).

11. Luanda, Angola - Order of Augstino Neto Award (3rd October 1985)

12. Luanda Angola - SADCC Sir Seretse Khama Medal (21 August 1986)

13. Dodoma, Tanzania - Lenin Peace Prize (7th September 1987)

14. Dodoma, Tanzania - Juliot Curie Gold Medal (February 1988)

15. Paris, France - UNESCO Simon Boliver Prize (21st October 1992)

16. Arusha, Tanzania - TANAPA / Gold Medal of Outstanding on Wildlife and Environmental Conservation (21st February 1994)

17. New, Delhi, India - Gandhi Peace Prize (27th January 1995)

18. Abujua, Nigeria - Nnandi Azikiwe Award (10th March 1996)

19. Harvard University - World Map Globe (28th December 1999)

20. CCM, Tanzania - The Century Statesman (2000)


Nyerere Quotes

"We can try to cut ourselves from our fellows on the basis of the education we have had; we can try to carve our for ourselves an unfair share of the wealth of the society. But the cost to us, as well as to our fellow citizens, will be very high. It will be high not only in terms of satisfactions forgone, but also in terms of our own security and well-being."

Julius Kambarage Nyerere, from his book Uhuru na Maendeleo (Freedom and Development), 1973.

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Nyerere was reported as saying that he was a "schoolmaster by choice and a politician by accident"

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